Youtube channels -Explore it

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Youtube is the best video sharing website in the world 🙂 It is owned by Google. Thousands of videos are uploading and downloading from youtube every hour. As the youtube user, we can know that the youtube is used only for entertainment…but there are more hidden treasures hidden inside the youtube channels. Youtube can be changed to a learning point ,too because if we read a book we can forget soon, if we see a lesson in a video format you won’t forget so soon that the power of videos 🙂


Youtube lovers this is the post dedicated to you :),

# In youtube there is lot of channels hidden inside in it we have to explore, so each channel has a particular task, some channels provide for education, some channels provides about music, and some like health care,, there are so many channels hidden, as Frank I explored today and sharing this post

# so if you want to explore all the channels you have to go to the link


# The channels have a lot of resources and each channel having lot of videos about. so if you need some particular information you can surf that channel and you will find the information.

# Current trends are that the Youtube is used for Education purposes too



You can watch the video lectures of the IIT professors and its awesome, great information.

IIT videos having the play list of following branches

1. Core Sciences
2. Civil Engineering
3. Computer Science and Engineering
4. Electrical Engineering
5. Electronics and Communication Engineering
6. Mechanical Engineering


KHAN ACADEMY is the youtube channel awesome channel, the channel provides subjects like chemistry, maths, etc.  in video. It is very useful  for the small children they can easily grasp the points.


Youtube channels -Explore it

THE best and top 30 youtube medical channels ..its is very useful for the medical students.

This information is very precious..Share it.

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7 thoughts on “Youtube channels -Explore it”

  1. Hi Suresh as promised I took a look at your post and I must admit I learned something new today. However, you need to improve your vocabulary and language for this to excel.

    The language used is poor and confusing and will most likely deter readers away from your blog.

    Looking forward for more insightful posts.

  2. I am youtube fan,but i didn’t explored it to watch lectures and technical things.In your post you mentioned there are many videos from IIT professors.Hereafter will check for those videos too.

    Thanks for the share Suresh. 🙂

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