Your New Smart Accountant – Toshl Finance Expense Tracker

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A Smart app for Personal Finance Management and Expense Tracking. Toshl Finance Expense Tracker isFree, Simple, Neatly designed, Lightweight with Cross-platform Synch. Attractive, right?!

Toshl is well known for Finance Management, has designed an app to account all the money that goes into thin air in few weeks. Chill, it doesn’t happen only with you. So here is a cool app for you.

Expenses Trakcing Using App

What is Toshl Finance Expense Tracker?

Toshl Finance Expense Tracker (let’s call it TFET) is The BEST app for tracking your expenses, bills and to keep an eye on a budget. It is easy and customizable.

Every month you determine to make note of all your expenses just like your dad. But your apps keep you busy and you successfully procrastinate to next month.  So these guys at Toshl squeezed their brains to make tracking expenses easy and fun for you.

What does Toshl Finance Expense Tracker do?

  • Enables you to note down all your expenses
  • Set budget and plan within it
  • List your expenses and categorize them with tags(like stationery, petrol, food)
  • Tags can be set to repeat over a specified period of time
  • Analyze expenses with respect to tags –  Food (1000 + 575 + 200 + 2500) this month/week
  • Secure Personal Finance Management
  • Adds data from various platforms(various phones) – Synched
  • Save you from forgetting bill payments
  • Helps in the long run to manage your budget and analyze your savings

How fun Expenses Tracking could be?

First of all, it is very easy with TFET app as it is so simple, user-friendly and well designed. This is all you have to do.


All, you have to do, is tap in your budget and start adding as you spend. Once most of your expenses are already tagged, your auditing doesn’t take long with already customized tags.


Your expenses are classified based on the tags you customize. This is used to see how much you spent on each category.

So you could see where you overspend and control your expenses accordingly. This can be set to recur on given occurrences.


With your tags set, you can keep telling TFET about your expenses and add a new tag if needed. With timestamps included, this app displays the expenses under various tags. This can be viewed based on daily, weekly or monthly time spans.

Go Pro

TFET notes when you have multiple sources of income and make you spend some on Pro. You have to upgrade to Toshl Pro if you wish to add more than one income. It comes with 30-Days guarantee refund in case you wish to unsubscribe.

Pro has a variety of features to offer like info-graphics (make charts on your expenses against tags and other views), Import your data to PDF, CSV, Excel and Google docs and also you can set Email reports periodically.

Why you should choose TFET over other apps?

  1. Cross-platform Synch: iPhone, Nokia-Symbian, Blackberry, Windows, MeeGo too. Your data can be accessed from any app. Thanks to Toshl Cloud!
  2. Rounds up and sends reports to your mail ID automatically.
  3. Easy, attractive UI, Simple and Lightweight.
  4. Multiple users across multiple platforms – useful for small businesses and family expenses as everyone can update with one account and it is maintained in synch.
  5. Currency support- supports all currency types.

  6. Secure- Comes handy with an inbuilt Passcode lock
  7. Infographics for easy interpretation and analysis

What are you waiting for? Check out, it also gives extra points to Pro users for supporting the developer community. This app is my personal favorite for its elegant design and useful features. It is a good practice to keep track of your expenses. So start using this Must-have app right away.

Download TFET for Android: Size – 2.3M

Download TFET for other platforms


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