Windows 8 Shutdown Problem [Solved]

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Now we have Come up with Windows 8 Shutdown Problem.Before we have discussed some of the problems about Windows 8 Consumer Preview edition like Wind0ws 8 Audio problem and Windows 8 Internet problem , here we come again with one more such problem faced by many users i.e a problem with Shutting down their computers.So in my last post I have showed you how to overcome the internet problem in Windows 8 and also had mentioned at the end about the problems we get after changing the settings according to the post. Here I write a solution to one of the problem for which our Internet problem solution was one of the reason.


In the last post, we actually changed the settings for the system not to turn off the hardware to save power, now this may even create one more problem like, it won’t turn off even when the PC is Shutting down and lets the PC be in ON mode and just waste power and resources. So we have to tweak a bit.

So this Shutdown problem can be solved by the following steps:

Create a new shortcut by right clicking on the desktop and selecting the option as shown in the figure below.


Now type the following command in the box as in the screenshot below:

shutdown -s -f -t 00


Now in order to make it look like any other app, change the icon of it, by right clicking on the shortcut and selecting as shown in the figure,


Now select your own icon and right click on the shortcut and select Pin to Start


And at last it would look like this on the Start menu


And that’s it, now whenever you want to shutdown your PC, just go to START and click on this icon which would make your Computer Shutdown properly without any problems.

Has Any Question related to Windows 8  Shutdown problem?  Drop your question in comment section. We will respond to you very soon with the correct answer.

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11 thoughts on “Windows 8 Shutdown Problem [Solved]”

  1. I have recently installed the beta version of Windows 8 in my PC. Tutorials like this is a very big help for me.

  2. Thanks for solving the problem of widows 8. This really me a lot because my pc always encountered this kind of problem. This post is great and very informative.

  3. that’s rocks 🙂

    my aspire one A1x0 did only sleep at a shut down request.
    with that trick no more need to powerstop at restart request (as i did before), NOW it DOES shutdown really.


  4. Great advice. I haven’t loaded Windows 8 beta because I am waiting for the consumer version to come out. My laptop is already groaning under the weight of being too old so I am planning on getting a new one when Windows 8 comes out. I will definitely be checking this out when I do make the switch to Windows 8!

    In the meantime I will share this great article with others.

  5. Hi Srikanth! I’m so excited to download this to see what Windows 8 can offer us. Thanks for sharing the good news and job well done.

  6. i have a problem with window 8 shutdown and my compute shutdown does not work .
    do you have any good idea to help me ?

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