Web Messenger-stay tuned with friends even at offices, schools

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Messenger is the software which is used to send and receive the messages from the group of people and networks. We have different types of messengers like Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk, MSN, etc.

By using messenger, we can stay tuned with the friends and relatives even they are thousand of kilometers away from you. So if you want to chat with your friends when you in OFFICE or SCHOOLS, etc. , it’s difficult because we have to install the software for installation  we have to need administrator privileges .so overcome this problem I have a solution for it.

Stay Tuned with friends 24*7

So the solution is very easy I am the admin of the softwarebuzzer and I created a page for online messenger.There you can login to the gmail, yahoo, MSN, aim, and more without installing the software’s at your computer

# just you need an internet connection and you can visit the page online messenger and you can login to your account and start chatting with your friends and family even at schools, offices, etc

The online messenger supports multiple networks like

# yahoo

# Google Talk (Gtalk)

# MSN Messenger




# Ebuddy Id

web messenger

If you have any queries and comments Plz, drop the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Web Messenger-stay tuned with friends even at offices, schools”

  1. yeah techfudge your correct, but this common thing should be remind well..it will be very useful when we want to chat with freinds at schools, etc,,

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