Upload photos to Flickr with two mouse clicks

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Flickr is a popular image hosting website. It is acquired by the Yahoo. We can host the image in Flickr in free of cost. We can share images to your facebook, twitter friends and you can embed those pictures on your blogs or websites. Upload, a photo to the Flickr, is a bit a big process like logging into account and upload the pictures with the help of browser.

How does a photo is upload in Flickr in two mouse clicks! It will be awesome and you can upload thousands of pictures to the Flickr account simultaneously. So let’s do it


1. Download the software sends to Flickr at your computer.

2. Complete the installation process.

3. Before the completion of installation, you have to authorize it.

upload images

4. Right click on the image which is to be uploaded in Flickr and select send to option.

send photos

5. Click on Flickr

upload pics to fickrs

6. The pictures are uploaded in your Flickr account. We can upload pics simultaneously

flickr uploading pictures

Hence, your photos are uploaded in your Flickr account in two mouse clicks.

If you have any queries, drop your comments below 🙂

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