TweetDeck KeyBoard Shortcuts Complete List

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I used to participate a lot of twitter chats and discussion on twitter that is a micro-blogging site. I don’t use the Twitter website while chatting because it’s so slow and cannot able to customize the columns and all. This is why I preferred TweetDeck Software, which support Cross platforms like Windows and Mac and makes life so easy. Do give a try Tweetdeck software makes you tweet so fast and keep track of the  Twitter Mentions, Direct Messages (DM), Lists, hashtags and more. All you can arrange them in columns.

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So to use this software still way easier we may needs the keyboard shortcuts.  If you know the shortcuts the, you can use like a PRO if there is a situation like you become a host on a twitter chat then you get a lot of questions, mentions within seconds. So you need to cope up with it, right? That’s where Tweetdeck keyboard shortcuts come handy

Following are the keyboard shortcuts for TweetDeck:

  • R- Reply
  • T- Retweet
  • F- the Favorite
  • N- New Tweet
  • D-Direct message.
  • P – View user profile.
  • Enter – View Tweet details.
  • CTRL+ Enter – Send Tweet
  • A- Add a column

Navigation Shortcut Keys:

  •  ? – This menu
  • -> Right
  • <-  Left
  • 1..9 Column 1-9
  • 0 -Final column
  • X – Expand / collapse navigation
  • S- Search

If you still cannot able to understand then check the following images, you will get a clear idea for sure.


tweetdeck keyboard shortcuts
tweetdeck keyboard shortcuts

So with these keyboard shortcuts you can use Tweetdeck like a pro which saves your time and energy for sure. If you like, this article, do share with your friends and do comment if you find any new keyboard shortcuts.

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9 thoughts on “TweetDeck KeyBoard Shortcuts Complete List”

  1. I love TweetDeck Suresh and I did not know about these shortcuts. Man oh man will these ever come in handy.

    Thank you so much for sharing this and boy am I hanging on to this post. I’m going to have to get use to using them and making sure I know what they all are.

    Thank you so much for the scoop and I’ll be heading to TweetDeck soon and trying them out. Yay!!!

    Have a great weekend.


    1. Hey Adrienne,
      Aha,..glad to find a post useful 😀 I use to make things simpler by using shortcuts and that’s how i found shortcuts for tweetdeck .

      It certainly saved a lot of time when we do tweetchat , RT’s , Replying to messages , etc.

      So this post can make you tweetdeck rockstar and use like a pro 😉

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

      Keep rocking

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