Swift Theme Review- Best Stunning Looks And Advanced SEO Theme

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Hello everyone, you would have observed a change in the layout of the Softwarebuzzer a couple of weeks back. We have changed the entire theme itself. Now it is proudly powered by Swift Theme – The Fastest Theme with HTML 5 Semantics. It has been created By Satish and using it is so easy that even a beginner can do it. There are loads of hidden treasures in it. Every blogger or webmaster looks at his traffic stats, income, etc. , but only a few people think of the finer details like the user interface, user experience, and advanced concepts implementations. Satish has really done an awesome job. Hats off to him. He brought the latest hidden treasures of SEO Semantics and HTML 5 in the Swift theme. There are loads of layouts you can choose from, like blog layout, magazine layout, magazine-full and more. Let’s get into the details

Speed + SEO + Stunning Looks = SWIFT

Power Of HTML 5 Semantics

Every webmaster wants to get into the first page of Google and Google crawls websites using bots. So it is important that the site is properly optimized. If a site is optimized and easily understandable for bots, then the content on the website will easily hit the first page of Google with fewer SEO efforts.  I heard the concept of Semantics web, RDF ( Resource Description Framework ) during my final year project when I was working on Drupal cms. I was hunting for Semantic-based themes, but Genesis & Thesis themes were not semantic web optimized. So one day Satish showed me the next version of swift. I was thrilled and eager to test the power of semantic. I installed the theme and after a couple of tweaks, I started getting 90% traffic from Search engines daily with less than 10 minutes of SEO efforts. This is called smart work. It saves time, energy, and resources. I personally recommend every webmaster to try the features of this theme and gain the power of SEO.

Here is the Resource for Understanding Semantic web:

Swift Options

The Swift theme is made in such a way that it’s very easy to use the swift theme options. Usually, if you want to add the advertisement code below the menu, you need to tweak the code of the theme. But with the inbuilt code embedding features in Swift, there is no need to tweak the code at all; everything is well organized. Every option is available and you just need to enable it and add the code. Your ads will be live.

ads management in swift
  • You can upload the favicon of your blog/website very easily by uploading the favicon file in the options present in Swift. The favicon will be ready for your blog. Bingo. No need to think more about it. Look up the ‘header and footer scripts’ option in the Swift options where you can add your Google Analytics scripts at footer so that your site loads faster. If you need to use a default thumbnail for every post, there is a simple option for doing that as well. Just change the image at one place and that’s it. No need to add the thumbnail every time while publishing a post. It’s really a piece of cake. Work becomes a lot easier and smarter. Let’s look at some of the other options present in Swift. Logo positioning is another awesome feature using which you can position your website/blog logo to the left, right or center. The featured posts style is pretty cool as well. You can set it up in such a way that you can select the categories and number of posts you want to be displayed in the featured posts column. You can also enable and disable this feature with one click.


Swift has awesome layout options. Mainly it has 3 layout types – Fluid, Fixed, and Hybrid. The three layouts are – Magazine style, Magazine full and Blog layout.

Magazine Style Layout:

Want to start a magazine blog? Swift is very much suitable for it. It has wonderful user interface that is best for use.  There is another magazine style layout with full-width style.

The Normal magazine style layout image is :

Click Here  to See Full Image


Full Width Magazine Style :

Click here to see Full image

 Blog Layout Style :

Click here to See Full Image 


And you can make many more layout, Just you need to use your imaginations


Design options

Tweaking the design of the theme is very simple and easy with Swift theme. Do you need the change the header background color, but don’t have any programming knowledge? Don’t worry; you can do it easily. That’s the power of swift. There are loads of options and you just need to tweak and miracles can happen.

  • Likewise, you can also increase the typo of your blog. Many different eye-catching fonts can be used so people fall in love with your blog/website.  You can even increase your font size without tweaking any code of the theme

Import And Export Options

Importing and exporting the design options you made with Swift theme is incredibly easy. You can export all the settings and use the same design options whenever you want by importing them. You can run the same design in the the the hundreds of websites in only a couple of minutes.

click Here to see Size Full Images


Widgets make work easier. There are many inbuilt widgets present in swift. Some of them are:

Custom menu: Use this widget to add one of your custom menus as a widget

Home Page only text widget: Display text only on the home page

Category specific text widget: Display text on some categories

Text without padding and border and many more.

customer Support From Swift Theme

As we know, customer support is key of any business or services. So Satish and his team do support the users of Swift theme via his Forum. There is Another awesome Feature, there is help page present inside the swift theme options. It’s a must follow the guide after the installing and upgrading the swift theme.

Click Here to Watch Full Image

Last But Not Least

Swift loads faster than any other theme very light theme. Can make your blog /website speedcore 90+ For sure.
Just follow the Steps given here: click here to visit

So here it is  You just need to Grab the Swift theme and use the power of swift. I personally Recommend everyone to Get swift theme

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17 thoughts on “Swift Theme Review- Best Stunning Looks And Advanced SEO Theme”

  1. your Design is looking nice.. I also have a licensed version of Swift theme but never used it as it needs customization and I am really lazy to do that.. 😀

    and I also noticed that comluv plugin is also not working i think some JSON error in it..

  2. Hello Suresh , As you have promised earlier , you have reviewed it amazingly ! Well , I’m soon going to create a website with WordPress , and I’m thinking to buy Swift Theme for that website . So , your review has really made me addicted to Swift Theme ! I’m going to buy it soon !!

  3. Your Design is looking nice.. I also have a licensed version of Swift theme but never used it as it needs customization and I am really lazy to do that.. 😀

  4. You website totally looks awesome with this new dress 🙂 Excellent readability.

    I have used Swift for nearly two years and still using it in some of my client websites too. One best free theme that works faster and makes the site better always.


    1. Thanks sandeep. Before buying the theme you should consider following things

      1. Theme under constant development or not.
      2. Html 5 , CSS3 is must.
      3. Good readability.
      4. Fast loading.
      If you need help , do ping me on facebook.com/sureshkumarpeters i can help you out

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