Softwarebuzzer Traffic Reports May 2011

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We had a big growth in traffic  and we got 4 times more than April traffic. So finally decide to post a report. So that everyone comes to know “blogging out of the box” can bring you awesome traffic and experimenting SEO in new ways. Actually I used to blog fully different, I prefer quality of the post than quantity that’s why there are no recent updates, but every post, I made, is something special in it.

The following stats are not only because of me, the credit goes to my blogging friends, experts in SEO, SMO, who helped me in answering my queries and guiding me. My hearty thanks to them

My special thanks to all my friends, family members, Guru’s and Softwarebuzzer fans, and Rss subscribers. Without them, I can’t able to reach this milestone.  And Big Thanks to all visitors they are Key to my website .

Traffic Report Of May

Traffic Sources

We have got the traffic reports Using google analytics . and google analytics is best since its the product of the google.

We have got the traffic reports Using Google analytics. And Google analytics is best since it’s the product of the Google.

So stay tuned for innovative posts.

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39 thoughts on “Softwarebuzzer Traffic Reports May 2011”

  1. i m very confused 🙄 2 percent bounce rate 😮 my average time per viist is 2.4 mins but my bounce rate is 48 percent…hows that possible 😕

  2. Congratulations, Suresh!Hope this will continue and you wil get even more traffic to make those reports even better. I will give my best to visit again and make my small contribution to it.
    Wish you best of luck!

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