How to Setup Personalized URL for your Facebook page

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Facebook is a popular social media network in the world. People are spending more time in social media networks. So company and business are moving towards the social media networks to get in touch with the people and get more reviews about the products feedbacks and more about the company.

# so branding comes in light. Branding of a company or a website is done in Facebook by creating a Facebook fan page. So that the people who are interested in  the Facebook fan page they can join and they start commenting, and a Facebook fan page for the company is moderated by the company.

So it’s easy to make Facebook fan page of the website or  business. its free of cost to make. if you want to make a facebook page, follow the steps below


# Go to my software buzzer fan page and you at the bottom left you can see the option called CREATE MY PAGE

# and start creating your page for your website or business

So after making a fan page, it will look like this

Will you think that this Facebook page can easily remain by the users??

The answer is NO..

# so lets start personalize your Facebook fan page and get more fans and leads to more sales to the company.


# you can see the set of pages created by you, and select the Facebook page which is too be personalized.

# then after selecting the correct name you have to press confirm.

# by confirming you new personalized URL of your Facebook page is created

And now you can bring more fans, promotions too..

I have personalized my facebook fanpage url to :

If you have any queries Plz drop the comment below.

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