Send free SMS from Facebook

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you can send free sms from facebook
facebook sms

You heard it correct :), you can send free SMS from Facebook by using an application  its  called the INDYAROCKS. I tested it and we can create an account by using Facebook and few more things within 2 minutes. Start sending SMS from the Facebook application itself :), you can send SMS all over to India from the Facebook itself.

You can send free SMS to your friends

* Group SMS

* Schedule your SMS and more Features

* I heard that 160by2 and way2sms have limited SMS sending facility, but indyarocks don’t have that limit we can send unlimited, By just login to your facebook account and open indyarocks application on Facebook and start sending SMS to your friends all over India.


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  3. Dude i don’t think way2sms has any limit… I have personally used it and i’ve sent lots of messages through way2sms… But anyway thanks for the info 🙂

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