Reset and Recover Windows 8,10’s Login Password

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On this internet world, you need to make different email id and password separately and manage all. So an average internet users may have more than 3 emails id’s and password, and it’s complicated to remember all. We tend to use some software to store all these login details, etc. , When it comes to  Windows 8 PC too we have different roles such as admin, user, guest and each role have username and password.

So if you forget the guest /user password then you can reset by using the admin account but whereas if you’re the main admin account got locked and unable to login? Then you may think of formatting the entire PC this may kill your time, data loss, etc. So the easy and intelligent solution is by resetting login password of Windows 8, All, you need, is freeware software and a video tutorial.

I have made the tutorial sometime back and got a good response overall and this is the reason am blogging over here so that it can help everyone including blog readers.

To get started this process all you need is

Reset Software To reset the Windows computer. You need a spare computer to get started the process, since your main computer is password locked, You cannot able to log in. That’s the reason we need a secondary computer to create the reset USB or disk. So buy the reset software and create the USB or bootable CD.

Buy And Download The Software Here

  • A spare computer /laptop to create a bootable disk /USB
  • An empty DVD or USB
  • A freeware software that helps to reset the password in Windows 8
  • A video tutorial to tell your step-by-step process.

Here is the video Tutorial :

I hope the above video tutorial will help you to solve the problem If you got any questions related to the process then do ask them in the comment section below.

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40 thoughts on “Reset and Recover Windows 8,10’s Login Password”

    1. HI Jim,

      When you restart your PC/Computer then presses F8 or Delete button on your keyboard. There you will get into BIOS from there you can choose the boot menu .

      In simpler words ,

      Restat PC /Computer – > Press F8 or Delete button on keyboard -> BIOS menu -> You will get boot menu -> choose the boot device like DVD or USB.

      Hope you understand now !


  1. Your video guide is awful! But the password recovery software I like most is PCUnlocker, one of the unique feature is that it can reset forgotten Windows 8 Microsoft account password. The software is not free but it’s worth a try!

  2. When I restart my machine with the flash drive inserted, I am directed to the utility menu. In the utility menu I can select how to reboot and I selected the flash drive option, but still it is not recognizing the flash drive and nothing is installed. Do you have any suggestions

  3. Great tutorial! But I think PCUnlocker Live CD is more powerful than Lazesoft. PCUnlocker can also reset lost Microsoft account password for Windows 8.

  4. Hi I got it on the usb drive from another cpu, and when I try to open it on the locked cpu in guest, I still get asked for the admin password? Any suggestions?

  5. hello,sir
    i forgot my windows 8 pasword..
    i have a lenovo 510 laptop..
    i have got options of resetting the lappy by by one key recovery system but it will erase all the data on my hard disk!

    please help me noe…

    i am a lott worried..
    can u guide me…
    my no is 8147795829

  6. Hello sir,

    Its keep telling me “your hard disk had not been detected. Please click ” . Can you help please ?

    Thank you

  7. I’m confused on where to go after I bring up the bios. Do I go to system config and the boot options. I’m not sure. Can you help?

    1. Just play with the setting of the booting priority if you feel you did wrong then you can do discard changes. So no need to worry at all..If you still didn’t get you then hit me up on email.

  8. Sir! I cannot get into that booting menu, all I see is 1.HDD/SSD 2.USB 3. ODD 4. LAN, CANNOT GET INTO THAT USB!!!!

  9. I couldn’t get it to work…. Installed software on the USB, plugged it into laptop and started to the boot menu, the USB lit up but lazesoft never came up instead it loaded to the sign on screen again.

  10. Suresh,

    I cannot get your software to recognize my USB. I have refreshed etc. I downloaded it to a DVD and despite my changing BIOs to check the DVD drive first I could not get a launch. Any ideas? Is it correct to not try and choose a software version for my target computer?

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