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The good news for the Facebook users that user can easily remove Facebook  Timeline feature in the Facebook.  We use a simple chrome extension  called “Timeline Remove” which is an extension of the Chrome. Moreover, if the user is not comfortable with the timeline feature then user can implement this extension which helps to get back to previous profile layout which the user is addicted once. Perhaps this extension of the Chrome which totally gets off the Timeline feature from the profile and thus making the profile looking like the old layout style that it use to appear in earlier 3 column layout and there user need to install the Timeline remove extension in the respected Chrome browser with hitting the enabling the option in the extension. Here the Facebook profile page looks alike from the similar earlier layout.

Visit the Link to get the extension:

remove facebook timeline
remove facebook timeline

Further this extension Timeline which is exact solution to get the timeline removed perfectly and the only action user need to allow is to permit it to access user’s data which is on Facebook and other relevant tabs, browsing activities along with the bookmarks.

Certainly when user is done with granting the permission and thus the icon of that particular extension is been installed at the toolbar. User need to hit on the newly installed extension which results in a pop-up thus making it displayed at the bottom right of the icon and user need to perform the task is to enable or disable Facebook Timeline feature the option which is screened.


Moreover when the user is done with options hitting the enabled option which then results in complete ban of Timeline feature in further coming visit and if the user needs the Timeline back then the task user need to allow to disable the option there user can get back the original Timeline feature as it is earlier without any changes in the Facebook profile. The enabling or disabling the option that can be a matter of a particular period of accessing the profile, and this is not a permanent action.

Probably the user can get this extension from the Google Chrome browser and this could really help the user out from the phobia of Timeline in Facebook.



Now  easily we can remove Facebook timeline  with just an extension from Chrome browser will lead user to goal. Enabling or Disabling the feature of the timeline is allowed to performed by this extension.

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3 thoughts on “Remove Facebook Timeline”

  1. i have disabled my timeline from that chrome extension but my friends are able to see my timeline . how to fix this now ? will the old profile visible for me only ?

  2. I just did not like the Facebook Timeline at all. I now have an option of disabling it, thanks to your article. You’ve detailed the precise steps required to do that so precisely. I’ll surely implement these right away. Thanks for this great share.

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