Protect your Vision – An Online Eye Exercise

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Protect Your Vision is a free website which is made for the eye exercise which really helps you out To protect eyes naturally while working on a computer. This web based medical exercise is a free Service to reduce the eye strain and the best thing is that it allows your eyes to take a rest which the Needs. In fact, eye exercise really deserves to the people who use to spend at least of two hours in a Day on computer.Therefore, their eyes are going through some kind of sufferings which may be Eyestrain, blurred vision, and many other common problems which may sometimes lead to serious Problems. However, this free web based program allows you to overcome this kind of troubles While you are sitting before a computer. This simple program provides relax to eyes easily, naturally and this free web based service for the Relaxation of eyes delivers a personal eye assistant called “EVO”, whenever you log on to the computer There you can set EVO as a remainder.


vision protect
protect your vision

EVO allows you to choose the modes in three simple ways :

  • The first mode which is 20-20 this mode allows you to set your break time for every 20 minutes. Let me clear the concept of this mode after every 20 minutes EVO sets in motion some course of time to take break, In the meanwhile you can close your eyes for 20 seconds and give it a rest. This way you can give your eyes a nice rest.

  • The other mode followed by is 60-5 mode which gives you breaks in every one hour. After You spent an hour on a computer; the alarm which sets off a course of time for you to take a break of five minutes so that it let your eyes takes rest in the meanwhile.

  • The last mode, which is Custom mode, is the easiest mode which allows you to set off your own break time and set your break frequency as well.


ProtectYourVision is a free online application is as simple as to implement, especially  useful when you don’t need to download or install anything. It can access on any computer. This is a very useful online eye exercise app if you spend many hours on your computer protect your vision is very simple to use and every time you work in front of a screen. This application allows to switch on your personal eyes assistant lead by a nice animated robot called EVO. This robot takes necessary precautions to take care of your eyes by providing you to take a rest for a while.In the meantime, it switches off the screen fro the certain course of time you choose in mode.

Visit Website now: Protect Your Vision

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9 thoughts on “Protect your Vision – An Online Eye Exercise”

  1. That’s pretty cool Suresh! I’m just been using a timer and going for 50 min. and then taking a 10 min. break. This will make it a lot easier so I won’t forget. Thanks for sharing this. Awesome tool!

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