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Play Age Of Empires Online Game

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Play Age of Empires online game, Now  it’s totally free and no subscription at all.   Age of Empires which are a the web based and an online game a free desktop game which is totally based on history. Therefore, this game was officially released by the Microsoft Studios. This game Age of empire online version is free of cost and which consists of “premium content” Which needs to be purchased. Thus, this premium content you would get extra Quests, features as you need to pay and purchase the premium version of the game. The unique feature of this application that it’s been built with a set of booster packs which are made available to enhance this game.

Even though if you have already downloaded a part of this game, there you need to be connected to the internet to play this strategy game. Therefore, this online game version is the game ever of the biggest in its times which thus includes two of the powerful and greatest civilizations which are Greeks and Egyptians.

Play Age Of Empires Online
Play Age Of Empires Online
  • Thus, the home page of this game appears like this and then you can click on the button to start playing. When you click the play button appearing on the screen. It’s downloading a Microsoft file from the server. After the file is been downloaded it connect to the server to download the rest of files from the internet
  • The complete description of this game is prescribed in a short manner that this game is all about growing the empires; the fate of an empire totally depends on the player. Thus this game allows you to look for a new adventure, craft and trade items, allows the players to create their mighty empires, and earn rewards as well, therefore you fully manage the resources and the battle with the other rich new worlds.
game play of Age of empires
Game Play of Age of empires online game
  • This real-time strategy game makes the players think about new strategies by which they can survive and expand their empires and there you can check out this awesome game at Facebook at free of cost. Though this game is a free real-time strategy game which is built in such a manner that the game is not much easy to play because it is played using several keys.So you need to play this game on a regular basis to know about the keys used which are been used and their purpose in this game.
free download age of empires game
Age of empires Free online game
  • For this game to play you need to have Microsoft Games Windows Live ID & password with you, if you don’t have it then you need to create an account with an account with Microsoft Games window Live. The only feature, which makes the application special, is that it’s easy to download and as simple to install. You’re just a right click away to get the game on your finger and hit the “play the Game now.”
  • Therefore, you can notice setup which lets you automatically download the content from the site. There you need to run the file. After the file is been launched, the Microsoft Games Windows Live will take the rest of the operation of the connection to takes place. Now you will come Across Accounts control window in which you need to click on “Yes” to continue the installation.


Thus, the game Age of Empire is a real strategy. Therefore, Age of empires online is a free desktop game which is not actually online; you need to download the “setup” to play this real-time strategy game. Pretty Cool, try it out..

Play Age Of Empires Online

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  1. I love playing online games! I love the way you have described this amazing game in a short description. I like the last image that looks like it is reflecting a small village. Thanks for sharing!

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