Photographers Loving The Latest Creative Cloud 2014 Features. Here is why

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Hey Hey! Very recent adobe has released their latest version of creative cloud that is called Creative Cloud 2014. The features are just awesome and really time savers that can actually increase the productivity and saves more time. So that you have plenty of free time to work more on new ideas. Photographers out there you should read this because there are tons of goodies for you here. All these years you need a laptop/PC to edit the photos, right?


Right now, the creative cloud 2014 changed the game ūüėČ You can edit the photos on your Mobile phones & tablets. Yes, you heard it right!

Now you can import RAW photos directly into the mobiles/Tablets¬†and start editing with the Lightroom mobile app. That’s 100% legit and works awesomely..Before Creative cloud 2014, there is no way of importing raw photos into mobile phones and the only way was just imported theJPEG images. The time has changed and so we are with more features.

Photographers can import the raw photos to their phones/Tablets and start their editing process even¬†while traveling. Isn’t that time saving? The best part is that you can give tags to the photos and make it organized. So before you switch on your workstation you have done the half of the work.

Still don’t believe me? Watch the keynote video below of Adobe Lightroom in action. Trust me you will love it.

Click Here to Watch the video

You can sync the process images to the creative cloud and even you can share the final output from your mobiles/tablets.

Photoshop also got a lot of new features in creative cloud 2014. 3D printing is booming and right on time we can do 3D printing with just one click. ¬†If you don’t have 3D printer at your home/office then, no worries still with the help of photoshop CC you can 3D print. ¬†Excited to know more about this? Watch the video below

The top new features of the Photoshop CC 2014 are the:

  1. Perspective wrap.

2.Blur gallery motion effects.

  1. Focus mask

4.Enhanced content aware technology.

  1. Camera shakes reduction.

Want to see this all in action?

Here is the keynote video that explains the top features of  Photoshop Creative cloud 2014

Click Here to learn more about Photoshop CC 2014

These are the just top features when you dive into the creative cloud 2014  you will really enjoy the features and make use of it.

The features present in Creative cloud 2014 are the feedback which are got from the customers and thus making the work flow really simple. Creative cloud is a swiss army knife and makes the best use of it to boost the productivity and workflow.

Oops, Forgot to mention that.. There is special creative cloud plan for photographer (specially for photographers) for just $9.99/month. $10 is nothing these days and I am really sure the money you spend on creative cloud will literally save a lot of time and gets you 1000x more money by using it.

Learn more the creative cloud photograph plan here ==>

So over to you, let me know what do you think of this creative cloud 2014 features? Drop your opinions in the comment section below.

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