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nfs most wanted

I am a diehard fan of nfs most wanted and nfs most wanted game having 15 blacklists to reach the 1st place and finish the game. So every blacklist has certain bounty, wins to play after reaching all the bounty, wins we can have a race with a blacklist after defeating the blacklist the next blacklist will come. So the race goes on the deeper, you go, the tougher the game will be.

In this post, I am gonna explain how to backup your profile.


  • Install the most wanted game on your computer.
  • Note the installation drive ( c, d, e, f ) of the game files.
  • Install the games in other than c drive, since when we are effect OS crash we have deleted the entire c drive and thus lost of the game you had played.
  • so install in other than C Drive
  • You have to create a  profile when your start carrier in NFS Most Wanted game.
  • you can find the profile files present at C: /Documents/NFS Most wanted
  • a folder is created for nfs most wanted game and a profile file is present inside
  • copy the profile file and upload to some file hosting the website so that we can download and share it for later.

Hence, you have a backup your profile. So if you got any hardware of software failure, paste the backup file at my documents  and you can play where you have stopped.. Happy  Gaming.

Gaming is helped in increasing logical thinking,  analytical skills, helps in co-ordination and more.

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7 thoughts on “Nfs most wanted game backup”

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  2. hi i was wondering if you have the sounds folder from the NFSMW installation folder mine got deleted. if you have it can you link it to some site so that i can download it or can you email me the folder pliz brother. my email is,
    P.s im talking about the sound folder which is there after you install the game NOT from the game’s cd or dvd.

    THANK YOU :}

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