Must Install Software For Any Windows OS User

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The title of the article looks common with other titles over the internet, but there you will say “WOW ” after reading the article. So Windows 8 is the latest version and it’s pretty good with new UI, features, sadly there is not windows 8 start menus, but I covered an article about it. One of  thing is lagging in windows is Powerful search capability, so let u say that you got 5 TB of data in your computer (that’s insane)  so you want to find picture in the whole 5 TB of data so it will be like treasure hunting .. Sad but true do you spend whole  15 minutes or more to hunt for a picture? Come on that’s kills your precious time and energy  and don’t waste time on this silly things because I got a solution for this problem  So this is the reason I said, “Must Install Software for Windows OS ” and software is compatible for any Windows OS versions like Windows 8, 7, Vista, xp.

So let’s start treasure hunting of data in a smart way in Windows OS.

  • To get started the process you need a tiny bit of free software, and the name of the software is “Everything”.
  • So Download the software and install it ==>Click here To  Download.
  • Once you install the software open it up and search for the file name, you going to do a search (treasure hunting)
  • You can find the file within 5 seconds, Isn’t  this amazing trick to finding the files at blazing fast?
  • If you don’t get any results when you search then start up HTTP Server in the Software

search everything

  • When you start HTTP server, it indexes all the files in your hard drive and fetches the results.
  • I did a video on this sometime back, I will embed the video below, do watch it.

  • So by this little tiny free software makes you work faster and Let me know your thoughts on this post and drop them in the comment section below. If you like the post, keep sharing with your friends.
  • Did I make you wow with this cool trick?


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20 thoughts on “Must Install Software For Any Windows OS User”

    1. Worth the money and most of the people bought the OS when there was Offer. The offer price was $40 Windows 8 pro and Loads of them grabbed it. At one time it was around $8 only and right now the price is changed to normal around $200.

      So if you’re an early adopter then you would have got the OS at cheaper price.

  1. Thanks for sharing……I have installed and try Windows 8 CP edition, I’am amazed with boot up speed, apps loading time, faster than Windows 7. UI bit confusing at first, however after using it for 3-4 hours, I fell in love with Windows 8. I like the new desktop style.

  2. Thanks Dear, I’ll try this software…though i wondered how this software indexes and find a result so quickly. I think this tool will be useful for Windows 8 users because In Windows 8, Windows Explorer is a bit slow. Your article is very nice.
    Thanks and Regards.

  3. If I know or remember the file name, then I can simply use the search feature in Windows. I can’t understand what this software is doing extra.

    1. Hello Rajiv,
      Suppose you have 2 TB of hard disk and different drives, folders, etc etc. So how much time it takes to recall where the exact file is present in that 2 TB memory? The inbuilt search feature of windows is pretty slow and the software “Everything” search the files within seconds. So it saves your time and energy.

      More of them , the software is free

      Hope now you understand

    1. Hey Sagar,

      It doesn’t have such features at all . All you get is file names and you can double click on the file or explore path.

      Hope you liked the little software


  4. This is a very good list thanks! A few of these I haven’t tried however 7-Zip, Notepad++, CCleaner, Filezilla, Firefox, Dropbox and XAMPP are among my most used Apps.
    On your advice I’ll be giving MyDefrag a go right now.

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