Make Google My HomePage In Any Web Browser- The Ultimate Guide

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Here is Make Google My HomePage Ultimate Guide, and this will help you to change your web browser homepage to  or Any Google country domains. If you’re using a browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer (IE), then you must be facing a situation like your homepage on your browser is changed to some other site or crap site. Then you must be planning to change the homepage to Google right? And this is where I will teach you to make Google as your homepage on the computer. 

Reason for this problem?

There is a couple of reasons to get this kind of problem,

  • One is by installing a freeware software available on the internet. Once you download any freeware software then while installing the software  there are some settings like “make homepage set to ” So what it makes means it changes your present homepage to or any
  • The Second reason is by installing toolbars in your browser, these toolbars are installed with software or any other ways. But there are some toolbars likeBabylon  which is very well-known toolbar and it won’t let you change the homepage in your browser at all. In this guide, I will teach you to tackle this kind of situation too.
  • The third-way reason is by installing the games, even if you install the freeware of paid games, There also you see those options like “make bing as homepage ” then for a computer beginner or moderate user they don’t observe this options they keep on press the NEXT button. Finally, the homepage is changed to some other in a web This post will be your ultimate guide to making Google your homepage.

So let’s get started into Tutorial and we will be covering the tutorial in different browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer (IE) …

Make Google My HomePage Tutorial For Chrome Browser

Now we are going to change the homepage to in Chrome browser, So all, you need to do for this, is Google Chrome browser installed on your computer/Laptop/Mac. Once you have installed the chrome browser then Open the browser and follow the simple steps below.

  1.  Once you open the chrome browser then  in URL address bar (Were you to enter a website address )  type the follow and press enter  Chrome: //settings
  • you will get into Chrome settings when you scroll down there you will see an option called ” Show Advance ”
  • When you click on the advanced settings, you will get a bunch of more
  • Find the option called “search” and “click on Managed Search engines..”
  • You will get a couple of search engines then hover over to the then you will see an option called “make ”
  • After Hover over at Google, then click on make default.
make google my homepage in chrome
make google my homepage
  • After Hover over at google then click on make default.

Now you have learned how to make Google as your home page in Chrome Successfully.

Make Google My HomePage Tutorial For Mozilla Firefox Browser

The next guide in the series of  Make Google My homepage is Mozilla Firefox. So let’s change the homepage to and all, you need, is Firefox browser installed on your computer / Laptop / PC. If you don’t have it install it right away and after installing open the Firefox browser.

  • Open the Firefox browser and on the top-left corner, you will see a name called “Firefox ” click on it. Then a drop down options will open up then click on Options
make google my homepage in firefox browser
make google my homepage in Firefox browser
  • Once you click on options then, a small window opens then go to the General tab.
  • There you need to modify the URL to So that you can make Google as your home page in Firefox browser.
make google my homepage firefox
make google my homepage in firefox
  • Once you changed the URL to then press on

Make Google my Homepage In Firefox Guide completed, So you have learned step by step to the setup homepage to

Make Google My HomePage Tutorial For Safari Browser

The third browser we are going to learn to make Google as your homepage is SAFARI browser. Safari browser is similar to another browser, but it still needs a little learning curve to accomplish this task. So let’s get started with the tutorial now.

  • Open the Safari browser on your computer.
  • In the right Top-Right corner in the Safari browser, you will see a Gear Icon, click on it.
make google my homepage in safari
Make Google my homepage in safari
  • Click on the preferences options than a pop-up window opens in the Safari There you will option called Homepage
  • Change the homepage URL to or any otherGoogle country domains like co.ukor Google.Us etc..

In the Safari browser, you don’t have to save it because it will be automatically changed to Google. So you have learned to Google your homepage in Safari browser.

Make Google My HomePage Tutorial For Internet Explorer (IE)

So the fourth browser is Internet Explorer (IE), So every window OS machine, the Internet explores, will be pre-installed. So, now we are going to learn to make Google as your homepage on Internet Explorer (IE)  

So let’s get started with tutorial Now!

  • Open up the Internet Explorer browser
  • Then in the Top Right corner, you will see a Gear Icon, Click on it.
make google my homepage Internet Explorer IE
make google my homepage Internet Explorer IE
  • There you will see a couple of options then choose “Internet Options”.
  • Then a Popup window opens up there you will see the Homepage option, Change  URL 
  • After changing to Google address, then press okay.

So you finally changed the URL to and now you have learned how to make Google as your homepage in Internet Explorer (IE).

Make Google My Homepage From Babylon Search Engine

So we have seen the all the process of making Google as homepage in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer (IE) even if you follow the process the Babylon search engine won’t change as homepage in your browser. I personally faced this issue and found the solution too.

The solution to Uninstall, remove Babylon search engine and adware from your computer is by installing a software called Adware cleaner software. The adware cleaner software works really perfect and scans the entire computer and removes all adware from the computer.

Download the software here 

Hope you have solved the problem of Babylon Search Engine Too.

Here is the detailed Tutorial to make Google my homepage in Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer

Here is the Ultimate Guide to make Google My homepage in different browsers and It’s your turn to drop the inputs from you. If you like the article /, Video then does share on Facebook, Twitter, etc.. And if you have trouble in setting up google as homepage then do drop those questions in the comment section below.

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10 thoughts on “Make Google My HomePage In Any Web Browser- The Ultimate Guide”

  1. I’ve faced similar problem multiple times. Some software installs annoying toolbar and changes default homepage to some other sites. We can prevent this thing if we are little careful during software installation. Usually we get choices during installation whether or not install toolbar or change homepage link. But most of the time we blindly click ‘next’ or ‘install’ button.

    1. Hey Plaban,

      Good to see you here. Yeah , most of the novice users don’t know much about this . That is the reason I wrote a detailed post and a video tutorial to make them to know.

      I went to my aunt’s home and there are 8 toolbars installed in their browser. At that moment I was freaked out and did uninstall all those crap stuff. Finally I showed them my video and they learnt it 🙂

      Thanks for the comment Plaban


  2. This is really a damn Quick Tutorial. Actually I do change my Home Page with Google soon after installing Browser. But upon installing other software like Bit Torrent or any video converter, Babylon search engine tool is installed automatically. Thanks alot for the removal tool. I will try it ASAP. Worth Sharing!! 🙂 \m/

    1. Hi sai,

      Glad to see you here, Yea is regarding the Babylon search engine it’s one of the crap adware i have ever seen . It won’t be deleted from the computer very easily and we need to use antivirus, Adware removal tools to remove completely from the computer.

      Hope you liked the article


  3. Ref locking my homepage. The suggestion above for Firefox works until I restart my computer. It reverts back to BING the next time.
    What can I do?

  4. Hi Suresh,

    I downloaded youtube video editor from a site
    called All my apps. I cleared all the rubbish I didn’t want from them
    but have ended up with losing google uk as my home page and now have
    QVO6. I followed your step by step instructions four times now,
    including rebooting every time but still have QVO6 as a search page.

    Do you know about QVO6, can you help me to get rid of it?


    1. Hi LozTh,

      Yeah i download a software form that site. It’s shit and full of those installs and irritates the users.

      So for your problem i found the solution here

      So choose the browser and follow the instruction . You can switch back to Google UK home page.

      Hope it helps,
      If you still need help , don’t hesitate to ask a question

      Have a great day !

      1. Hi Suresh,

        Thanks for sending the link but it didn’t work.

        I was ok until I reach 6,

        5 – Via “Firefox->Add-ons” open “Add-ons Manager” panel
        6 – Click “Remove” button in the right of qvo6
        7 – Choose “Manage Search Engines” in the search list
        8 – Remove qvo6,then click “OK”
        9 – Restart Firefox explorer

        When I opened Add-ons manager there was no qvo6 listed to remove.

        Oh dear!

        My son says that I’m not to be trusted doing anything that’s more technical than starting up.

        He told me to do nothing more about it until he can come and have a look himself.


        many thanks Suresh.


  5. You are doing a great job. I followed all the steps and was
    able to uninstall the Babylon and delta searches. I have also successfully made
    Google as the homepage. Thanks for your suggestions.

    However, I still have one problem going on which I could not
    fix for some time now. I work on multiple mailboxes and therefore use multiple
    browsers. Whenever, I’m one particular browser with multiple tabs open,
    automatically some advertisement tab opens by itself in the browser from the
    back ground. It is really annoying since I have to go and keep closing these
    tabs. I have kept blocked my pop-ups but nothing is really helping. I run my
    Mcafee antivirus many a times, but could not detect any add ware or any malicious
    wares. Can you please help??


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