Launch Apps With Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

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TyperText is an application which comes packed with a special an overly simple feature, yet powerful text expander and application launcher. The effort you need to do is to specify the keywords that are to be replaced with specified text string and provide with a hotkeys to launch the application, thus you can open the files and visit websites etc., in the settings files. This settings files which use a simple syntax to associate hotkeys combinations with application’s executable file and website URL, etc. and performs text expansion functions.

You need to download this file from the Link:

This application TyperText which appears in the system tray, from where you can bring up the editable settings file and then you be easily able to remove formatting applied over text item in Windows clipboard. This application which leads the user that it can save hours of typing and lessen the effort involved in performing routine tasks which includes launching application, running scripts, visiting websites, etc. and the user can really complete his work within short span.

This TyperText which comes with an INI file, thus which reads the settings from a text file. By just clicking ShowTyperText from the system, menu opens that text file (typertext.txt) to let the user map hotkey combinations with applications, files websites etchant, therefore, can even define text  expansion functions. This software contains some samples that really help the user to use to define a new text expansion function and then associate shortcut keys with applications which let you wish to launch. For instance, if the user wants to associate “Ctrl+Shift+V” With VideoLan VLC player, and then enter the following commands

“{Control}{Shift}V=RUN: <source path of vlc.exe file>”

In a similar way, you can even define hotkey combinations for just about any application that you want to launch or a file you want to open. However, if you want to add a website, specify the hotkey followed by complete URL of the website like

“{Control}{Shift}{Alt}F=RUN è

“{Control}{Shift}{Alt}Y=RUN è”

Therefore to add text expansion function, there you need to specify the keyword followed by equals to sign and text string that you want to replace the keyword with. When you type a keyword, it will immediately replace it with a text string. For instance, if you need to add “br=Best Regards” to settings file, then all, you need,  is to type “br” to auto-type “Best Regards,” inactive application window.

Perhaps this application not only automates typing for online forms, which frequently allows  used phrases, IM conversations, programming language code modules etc., but also helps you to quickly launch applications and visit websites. It is a portable application which works on all the versions of windows.



This application lets you kill the efforts for some extent and you can even access the application with a shortcut keys to launch.Moreover, this application allows you to add the hotkey combinations and you can even add the website to the TyperText.

This application increases your efficiency by automating your keyboard with the software TyperText. Therefore, this tool stimulates keyboard typing, and thus it can be used to instantly type common phrases. It even has advanced automation features, which includes launching of programs, window activation, delays, and mouse clicks, so it’s capable of performing complex tasks. There you can even configure in easy and simple text files. No installation is required

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