Increase Torrent download speed-wirebooster

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Torrents are the peer-to-peer file sharing protocol. It is used for distributing large amount of data. We can download movies, software, music, games and lot more from the torrents by using a bit torrent software. So if you’re downloading a torrent file the downloading and uploading will be done simultaneously. So you’re helping another one who is downloading the same files he may be in any part of the world that is peer-to-peer sharing.

Wirebooster  is a freeware software and optimizes the torrents download speed and increase the download speed. Wirebooster supports major torrents software like ares, bearshare, azuers, Bearfix, Bitcomet, Bittorrent , Dc++, Emule, Edonkey, Frostwire, Imesh, kazaa ,Shareaza, Utorrent

The wirebooster is free to download.Just install the wirebooster software and run the bittorrent software and see the increased torrent speed. The wirebooster is a light weight software so it consumes less cpu usage resouces.

# you can have boost multiple torrent software at a time.

# you can start and stop the acceleration of the torrents with a single click.

# the download speed is showed the statistical form. Easy to view the graphs.

# The software is easily built and Anyone can use the software without any problem.


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3 thoughts on “Increase Torrent download speed-wirebooster”

  1. ya but increasing speed will work only if we are getting that much speed
    for example i get 60KBps as my max speed from isp so no software can increase it either in torrents or any where

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