How To Improve Your English Speaking Skills Using VocabTest

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Using VocabTest you can improve your English skills, it comes with different lists under different categories. There are three different categories “Elementary, intermediate and advanced.”  The pre-built lists are mainly designed for USA students. You can also add custom lists. The inbuilt list has words meaning under categories “phonetic symbols, synonyms, and antonyms”. Now if you think you have perfectly learned a set of words, but you want to really understand how much you have learned, you can simply take  TEST. Which will let you know about your improved skills?

Once you download and install the application on your system.

  • There are some inbuilt lists and if you’re not satisfied with them, you can get some more from the web or simply create your own list.

  • To create a custom list, just follow the following screenshot.

  • Then you have to give a word list name, Level of the list, Creator’s name and a version of the list.

  • You can also learn from any of the available lists.

  • When you’re done with learning of the list(Custom or in built), you can take the test to see how much you have memorized. By clicking on the “TAKE A TEST” option, you can start your test in any of the two available options “Multiple choice and spelling test”. In multiple-choice, you will be provided with and a hint and a synonym for the correct word amongst the four choices.
  • After you answer on a choice by clicking on it, if it’s correct it will turn green and if its wrong it will turn red.


  • As you can see the left sidebar is showing that how many times the  test has been taken for a particular word with the successful/unsuccessful attempts on that particular word. It also indicates in which word you are weak and you should practice that.
  • This application works on Windows xp, vista and Windows

Download VocalTest

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5 thoughts on “How To Improve Your English Speaking Skills Using VocabTest”

  1. Thanks for sharing really great information. This will surely help improve the English Speaking skills.. Researching is the key to every success.

  2. this post will definitely helps for people who are seeking to speak English fluently with friends or family members. Try this vocab test it will increase your English communication skills. 🙂

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