How to import and export web browser bookmarks to delicious

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delicious bookmarks
delicious bookmarks

Delicious is the famous place for storing all your  bookmarks. The procedure for storing the bookmarks is quite a clicking couple of mouse clicks. For a new member of delicious site, its some kind of confusing. But I figured out the uploading your entire browser bookmarks in 2 mouse clicks. If the browser or Operating system crashes all your favorite bookmarks has been lost so  follow the tutorial its easy and simple.


  1. Create thedelicious account using yahoo id or another email id.
  2. In this step, you have to backup the bookmarks present in your browser
  3. Import Browser bookmarks to your
  4. Log on to your Delicious website
  5. Go to the settings page of delicious website.
  6. click on import/upload bookmarks.
  1. So import the bookmark file of your browser.

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  1. Import the bookmarks to your delicious account.
  2. You can make all your bookmarks private or public.

NOTE: There is an option while upload. It will replace all your bookmarks with your imported bookmarks. Read carefully and upload the bookmarks.

  1. For a backup of your bookmarks in your delicious account. Click on “Export or Download Delicious bookmarks”.
  2. Now your browser bookmarks have been uploaded successfully to the Delicious.

TIP: Make a personal Delicious account. Use this for the personal use for storing all your favorite websites.

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