How To Translate Your Tweets Into Multiple Languages Automatically

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Twitter users are increasing daily and New people joined up.The common language most of the people is an English, but a certain percentage of people don’t have that communication skill in English or can’t understand English properly (just an assumption). So how you gonna communicate with those people??  Then the only way will be talking with them in their native language, So you don’t want to learn that language and start tweeting. We got a solution for this, you just need to enter the tweets in English and the tweets are automatically converted into Multiple languages. It’s really simple and free Service. The following tutorial will give a clear idea :).

Tutorial-Translate Tweets into Other Languages Automatcially

  • Log in your Twitter Account.
  • Visit this URL
  • Now Authorize this app with your Twitter account using OAuth.
  • Now we will convert a tweet into Arabic language. Just type a message and followed by hashtag #ar.
  • Check the below image, the tweet has been translated into Arabic language automatically.

  • You can also translate into multiple languages at time with a couple of hashtags. The list of hashtags for other languages are:
Afrikaans #af
Albanian #sq
Arabic #ar
Belarusian #be
Bulgarian #bg
Catalan #ca
Chinese #zh-TW
Chinese #zh-CN
Croatian #hr
Czech #cs
Danish #da
Dutch #nl
English #en
Estonian #et
Filipino #tl
Finnish #fi
French #fr
Galician #gl
German #de
Greek #el
Haitian Creole #ht
Hebrew #iw
Hindi #hi
Hungarian #hu
Icelandic #is
Indonesian #id
Irish #ga
Italian #it
Japanese #ja
Korean #ko
Latvian #lv
Lithuanian #lt
Macedonian #mk
Malay #ms
Maltese #mt
Norwegian #no
Persian #fa
Polish #pl
Portuguese #pt
Romanian #ro
Russian #ru
Serbian #sr
Slovak #sk
Slovenian #sl
Spanish #es
Swahili #sw
Swedish #sv
Thai #th
Turkish #tr
Ukranian #uk
Vietnamese #vi
Welsh #cy
Yiddish #yi
  • Finally, you have translated your tweets automatically into other language automatically.


This is the best way to translate your tweets and Convert into automatically. This tutorial will helpful to communicate with the people who don’t know English.
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10 thoughts on “How To Translate Your Tweets Into Multiple Languages Automatically”

  1. Well done bro now your tweets can be read by arabs. 😛
    btw if you don’t mind would you teach me here how you added that table in your post?


      1. Can you please message me the html code on my fb buddy? I need it urgently for my next post. Actually the HTML i know is not giving me the look i want.


  2. Cool! I just hope it doesn’t translate into “Tarzan versions” of those languages…but, anyway, it is quite a useful feature that many will appreciate, I am sure in it!
    Thanks for the share, Suresh!

  3. This is very useful especially for someone who don’t speak English in this way people from other places can now tweets using their own language. It’s another useful feature.

    I’m sure many will appreciate it.They will no longer go to the other page just to look for the meaning.

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