How To Setup Vacation Responder In your Gmail Account

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Everyone Knows about the Gmail and its best mailing services and its have awesome Features. So Heard Of Auto Responder or Vacation Responder system? It means when your away for a vacation, when you get emails in your inbox then auto responder or vacation responder system comes into action. It will reply back  automatically with  the message which you have setup in your Vacation Responder. It’s really awesome makes your work really simple with this feature. I have used this features couple of days back when am on a small tour. So that every person, who sends me a mail, will get an automated message which I set. So let’s set the Auto responder or vacation responder system in your Gmail.

auto responder gmail

Tutorial- Setting Up Vacation Responder System In Gmail

  • Log on To your Gmail account by visiting the URL
  • Next let Gmail load completely.
  • Click On Which is present at top right?
  • Next inside settings Go to “”
  • Now there you can find “Vacation ”
  • Click the Checkbox “ Vacation Responder ”
  • Setup the Subject of your vacation Responder Message
  • Now enter the message

vacation responder system

  • If the responder wants to work only with your contacts, you can click on check box  below the message box
  • Click on “save changes ” After filling the details in autoresponder.
  • Finally, you have successful setup Vacation or Autoresponder system in your gmail account.


If people are going for vacation for a couple of weeks, this features will surely help you. There is more feature like you can schedule you vacation responder system. This feature is free of cost only its inbuilt feature present in your gmail account. Then Make use of this awesome features and enjoy

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14 thoughts on “How To Setup Vacation Responder In your Gmail Account”

  1. Hi,Suresh,
    a vacation responder is a great system, indeed. However, I never felt using it personally, as I check my mail even when I am away…Today it is hard to believe with all the technology that a person can be out of net and not likely to be able to respond.I think people use Vacation/Auto responder only when they really need a break from civilization.

  2. Hello Neo, I mean Suresh (I love the Matrix, too). This is a great tutorial. I never heard of Vacation Responder system before. Thank you so much for opening my eyes about this system.

  3. Thanks for the tutorial. I’ve been known in the past to set up what I think is a functioning autoresponder only to head off on holiday and find out I was wrong. Nevermind, you learn from your mistakes.

  4. Thanks suresh, I did not know about this functionality of gmail. I was wondering if we can set different messages for different group of people like co-workers, family etc.

  5. Hi Suresh, After using the vocation responder it was good during vocation. However when I am back from my vocation, I had deleted the message and turn off the responder it still keep sending message out. Could you advise what step should I take.

  6. Dear Mr Suresh Kumar, I still having the same problem even taken the step you had given. What should I do, this has caused embarrass to me. Thank you.


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