How to setup Google offline mail

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Ever thought that.. Gmail can be possible without net connection??

Let us suppose an incident will occur..Ur working at the office …next day will be a presentation of yours..So all the documents are kept in the mail…so he /she thinks, that let’s download the document at office WiFi connection…

So its a bad luck tat day itself your office WiFi is down..soo now your in a gr8 in that case your offline Gmail will help that you can get the attachments and browse the mail without any net connection !! so highly important.

And its possible now and we will show how you set up an offline Gmail on your desktop  🙂


1.  Use Firefox, Chrome or any browser first setup google gears to your browser by going to the site GOOGLE GEARS add this gears into your browser.

2.  Next step. Is that Go to your. Gmail. Account, at the top right of the screen you can check the “setting” click on that

3. Next you will get a bunch of links, so in that you select the option called OFFLINE which is present at top

4. So there you have to enable the offline browsing of your gmail 🙂

5. Make sure. That. You. Check out the “ATTACHMENTS SETTINGS” so you can click on “ALL ATTACHMENTS” so that you can browse the stuff in online itself.

6. Click on save changes.

7. Then you. Can. See a link”OFFLINE” at the top of the page

8. Click on that and enable the offline and synchronize the emails with your desktop

9. Create a desktop icon too so with one click you are able to surf your emails online. 🙂 🙂

Plz leave your comment and queries below.

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