Reduce Your Stress and Relax Your Mind With Mobile Apps

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Have you been through a stressful or a busy day and wanted to relax for some time. It can be really hard to work in the long run without resting for a little bit. But as we move to a more advanced society we have also been separated from witnessing natural phenomena like rains, sunsets, etc. These are only a few small things that we have to give up to progress.

Stress is the biggest enemy of active human beings and that is the reason why the productivity rate of humans degrade over time. Tensions of various things in life result in long-term stress. It is important that you stop for some time and relax a bit. Relaxing while being surrounded by nature is the best thing one can do. But in the crowd of these cities and the depleting forests one can’t find these calm places.

reduce your stress and relax your mind
Reduce your stress and relax your mind

So in this post I have summed up a list of websites that will help you relax through a stressful day of yours in a natural way. These websites will play video and audio to make you feel relaxed and to make you feel that you are between natural surroundings like a beach, in a valley or just chilling at your home while it’s raining outside.
So without any further ado let us start. (Have iOS app)

This is one of the most used and one of the most talked about service that is used by a number of people. Basically, it’s just a portal that will allow you to choose the environment from the various options available. Then you will need to choose a session between the choices. The choices, that are present, are about 2 minutes, 10 minutes, and 20 minutes.
After choosing the time, a voice over will guide you through steps to make you feel relaxed while the audio and the video are played.
It also has an IOS app available so that you can relax on the go. Try it at (have both android and iOS app)

This website is dedicated to just the sounds like thundering and raining. You can just open the website, turn your earphones on and there you go. You will already feel relaxed. The best thing is, this is not based on sessions. You can just open the website and listen to the raining and thundering for as long as you want. Isn’t it phenomenal?
You can also listen to this while you are working. I am writing this post and at the same time, I am listening to these sounds.
It has an Android as well as an ice app that you can use to listen while you are on the move. Try it

Fireplace Sounds (youtube video, so you can play it anywhere)

This is not a website, but just a YouTube video that will play a sound clip of the sounds of the fireplace. You can actually listen to the cracks in the wood and another sound in this video.
I prefer listening to this with the combination of which makes me feel like I am sitting home, relaxing in front of the fireplace while it is raining outside.
The sound is so soothing and refreshing at the same time. You can extract the music from the video and transfer the mp3 file to your phone as well.

I (Suresh Kumar) personally using the above apps which are free, even I encounter deadlines, client tasks, etc.. Sometimes I get stressed out  and after using the apps since 1 week I feel much better , You can use the apps anywhere, anytime you just need to close your eyes and listen to the music for 5 min then get back to work. You will deliver the task and complete the job with more effectiveness.

This post is written by Ujjwal, who is a passionate blogger and an Android developer as well. Visit his blogs Droid Extra and Tech Throttle for getting all the latest news, tutorials, and another tech stuff.

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