How to install Android on Nokia N900

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The Nokia N900 phone is a Meamo OS , Now the famous Google’s Android OS can be installed on the N900 phone using NITdroid , we will show how to install os in windows and ubuntu

Install from WINDOWS

# this video show the installing the android os on N900 using the windows operating sytem

Install from UBUNTU

# this video shows the tutorial to install the android OS on nokia N900 uisng UBUNTU Operating System

NITDroid is available in Extra Devel Repository , to learn more about the repositories click here

More about NITDroid

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13 thoughts on “How to install Android on Nokia N900”

  1. Suresh,

    that’s interesting! I wonder how fast Android runs on N900. N900 was the phone I was planning to buy, before I got HTC with native Android. If it were for scammy promotion video of Nokia and actual video comparisons, which looked like Nokia faked the whole thing.

    1. slava thanks for the comment 🙂 , its amazing that you liked it 🙂 even i was shocked by seeing it, it ll be helpful fo the nokia users who want to shift to android to let a try,, n900 is a ulimate phone 🙂

  2. is it possible for n900 on android software ??
    how it works ? and how to istall ? can any one help me out from this ….

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