How-to: Hide a tab from the taskbar in Windows

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In this post I have experimented this thing in my college lab, as only our College Admin having all privileges like Installing softwares, Internet Access, Games, etc, I hope all people have the same problem in their schools, colleges, offices, etc.

For them, this tutorial is very much useful 🙂

There is a software , so by installing the software you can hide the tab (opened window like gaming window, internet browser ) so that you cant’ even see that there is programming running, you can figure out by checking it in taskbar.:)


  • Download the softwareTWEAK WINDOWS
  • Next, you need to install for which you lack the Admin privileges.
  • By the proverb “WHERE THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A WAY”  I figured out the trick You have privileges to your student folder  so, install the software in student folder and successfully it will install
  • After the installation, restart the computer
  • You can see the changes at the top right of the taskbar and you can learn how to hide the particular window from the following image.

  • There are other great features like “CHANGING THE WINDOW ICON AND Name.”

Eg: you have opened the Internet Explorer; you can change its icon to MS Word icon and name,

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