How To Find And Delete Similar Images In Windows xp , Vista ,7

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Today when I was browsing my system I found that I had many photos which were similar and still existed in my PC, this can happen when you frequently search for web for some photos and use it for that particular period of time and when you need it again you cannot find it in your system so you again search for it and download it  And if you’re a professional it is very common to have multiple copies of similar photos in your system. But even if you know that there are multiple copies of similar images in your system it is difficult to find each of them and remove it, so for this kind of situationAWESOME DUPLICATE PHOTO FINDER can you help you.


So let’s get started.

  • Download the application from the web(if you don’t have it)
  • Install it and then launch the application.
  • Click on the “+” sign to add the folder’s in which your photos are saved.(You can add multiple folders also)
remvoe duplicate images on computer


  • Click on the start search button, it will scan all the images in the folder’s you selected and show you the results.
  • As you hit the “ok” button, it will show the first similar image found and it will also show similarity between the images in Percentage format.

Apart from the finding the duplicate image feature it has three extra and useful features as well.

1. You can Delete the duplicate image instantly by hitting the Delete icon button.

2. You can also open the duplicate file location by hitting the BROWSE FILE icon button.

3. You can also move the file to some other location by hitting the MOVE icon button.

It works on windows xp, Vista and Windows 7. The testing was done on Windows 7 home premium(64 bit).

Download  Duplicate Photo Finder


Review :

Duplicate Finder software is a freeware software. It works well on windows xp, windows 7 and vista. We have tested on Windows 7 as well as windows xp works perfectly. Detecting and deleting the duplicate images will lead to empty some space and also avoid the confusion when your are searching for a Files.

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