How To Enable Domain Privacy Protection

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The Internet is growing every minute, More Number of website is adding up every minute. So every webmaster has to Enable Domain Privacy Protection, when we check up in who.Is your complete address, phone number is displayed. This will be a threat to webmasters, bloggers,. For  Female webmaster, it will surely a threat, their details like email id, Home/Office Address, including phone number are exposed. If you have a custom domain ( ex: whether it is hosted on Blogspot, WordPress, shared hosting, vps, dedicated or even cloud your domain contact details are exposed.So we have to enable to enable the domain privacy protection in your domain panel and this tutorial will surely help you setting up privacy.

Tutorial – Domain Privacy protection

  • For setting up Domain Privacy, you need login to your domain panel. You will be getting domain panel where you have registered your domain like big rock, Hostgator, GoDaddy,
  • Login to your domain panel.
  • After logging, when you keep the mouse over “domain” you will see a drop-down menu, where you can see “ list all domains” click on it.

  • So your all domains will be listed if you have bought multiple domains with the same account.
  • Now select the domain name, which you need to activate domain privacy settings.

  • So Now select the website, now following details will be displayed and there you have to select “Privacy Protection”.

  • Now click on Privacy protection.
  • Now in the final step you have to click on “Enable” in order to activate privacy protection.

  • After Enabling the privacy protection, your contact details are When we look up with too, your details are not exposed. So check below image,

  • So Finally the privacy protection is enabled. For Domain registrar like Hostgator, they charge addition 10$ for domain privacy protection. But whereas the big rock and other hosting providers they provide it free of cost, you just need to enable it in your domain panel. So Please make a note point of this before buying a domain.

Conclusion :

Every webmaster have to enable the domain privacy setting, because your personal details are very much needed for spammers, they just spam your inbox with creepy emails like prize money, etc., Even it will be a threat when you home, phone details are exposed. So finally in the tutorial we have learned to enable the domain privacy protection.

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17 thoughts on “How To Enable Domain Privacy Protection”

  1. Domain privacy is a must these days. However, not keeping this information as private sometime gives some added advantage of portraying yourself as more transparent rather than a secret person. Though one must use this with much caution.

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