How To Add Lyrics to iTunes Music Library

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Want to Add Lyrics to iTunes music in an easy way? Rather than adding it manually from the Get Info lyrics tab? Adding it in this way could be frustrating because it’s difficult to always select a song and then find its lyrics from the lyrics repositories and then adding it to the song manually. So really want to make this process easy? Then why don’t you use “ iTunes lyrics adder”, this powerful application can automatically add lyrics to the songs listed in the iTunes music library.

Now before you start using this application, you must you must verify the tag information of your songs in the iTunes music library because iTunes lyrics adder reads the tag of the song to extract the lyrics of the song. The sources used for this application to fetch the lyrics are “ and” so you must make sure that all the songs have correct meta tag information, you can easily do this by using MusicBrainz Picard Tagger or you can do it from the info tab present in iTunes get in window.

Now launch the application, Select a source, below that you can check/uncheck a tab which says “Only search and lyrics to songs without one” meaning if you check this box it will add lyrics to the songs which doesn’t have any lyrics and if you uncheck it will add lyrics to all the songs. Then hit Search, it will start searching and add lyrics you can also stop it at any time during this operation just by hitting Stop.

  • After the process is completed, a log file will open which shows the list of the songs for which it wasn’t able to find the lyrics.

  • Now you must be thinking the music to your iPhone, iPod, But before you do that you must check it whether the lyrics are added or not.


  • iTunes lyrics adder is a really essential application to add lyrics easily to your music library.

Download iTunes lyrics adder


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