How To Get GooglePlus Username

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Now you can make your  Google+ profiles shorter since Google+ has outshined Facebook and the other social networking websites and that too in its beta stage only. But Google+ misses lots of features which are yet to make their presence and Google guys are already working on it to make it reality. But people out there are so desperate to tweak Google+ to use it their way that they are already finding ways and trying new experiments, but one basic feature, which Google guys forgot to embed, is username option and instead of that Google has provided long and hard to remember user IDs.

But here`s a tutorial for it:


  • Login to your Google+ Account and copy your Google ID (only the highlighted part).

  • Go to, choose the desired nickname and copy the Google ID as shown in the image below and click on Add button.

  • This website will provide a username like this which will link to the original Google+ profile.
  • To make sure that everything is fine, type the new username URL in the browser`s address tab and check whether it is linking to the correct profile or not.


Now one can use this username instead of those long Google ID provided to us and shorter URL are easy to remember too. So making shorter URL’s can post in twitter too since Twitter has 140 character limit too.

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11 thoughts on “How To Get GooglePlus Username”

  1. Hey, Suresh,
    it is important to make shorter URL’s as the long ones are sure not practical enough and they tend to be quite annoying. Thanks for the tutorial you gave here on creating username on googleplus, another great sharing from you.

  2. Hi Suresh,

    Nice tip. But when i did not have much of a difficulty in using google plus. I just clicked the +MyName Link on the left hand side of my gmail account and BAM! I was able to use it.

  3. Hello Mr. suresh,
    I think that – Google will soon allow us to choose an alias (e.g for the current profile URL.. probably within a couple of months.

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