Google music search engine

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Google is going to launch music search engine for all Indian music. Currently, the search engine of the music is in labs, Today I explored this in labs and I found it’s a very good , easily searching and mostly all types of the Indian languages. We can search the particular movie name in the search engine then the movie  with songs is the results. We can’t download the songs, but we can hear the music online.

# If we use some software like orbit, idm, we can download the songs to your computer.

Currently this search engine fetch the data from different websites and play it online

Currently Hindi songs are done, and other few languages songs,

# If you select a song, you will get a list of songs and you can listen it online


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8 thoughts on “Google music search engine”

  1. Damn Good, anyways i think this was on the cards , with more and more growth in NetBooks and internet connections, people now will not download songs to occupy storage space, listening online would be a great option.

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