Gmail Bug At Logging Your Account

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This is a Guest post written by Sauris Sah

Gmail is a mailing service of the Google. Even though it is highly protected system, there will be some loopholes in it. So we found a loophole in the Gmail while logging into your account.

  • Log on to your gmail account

eg: your gmail Id is “”

  • So after logging in  the log out.
  • So now re-login to your gmail account by adding a (dot) in the gmail login Id

Eg: before you login your gmail -Id by

Now you can login using or, you can use “dot” anywhere at your gmail id you can login again instead of wrong login Id also.

  • This is the Bug in Gmail.

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10 thoughts on “Gmail Bug At Logging Your Account”

  1. Here’s another google bug. While creating new gmail account, select the “text me” option after setting all required fields. Once google sends the text with your code, enter code, then login to your new gmail account. Now, log out of the account but leave same window open. Click the button to Create New account. Doing so enables you to create a new account without being prompted for additional security “text confirmation code”.


  2. Its strange, i am going to try it myself. I will make you know about my experience. We didn’t expect this type of mistakes by google and we should be careful about any other unknown harmful loopholes.
    well thanks for making us aware about this .

  3. Gmail seems to have a number of bugs lately, i have had various strange experiences once logged in, mostly related to adding attachments or opening older mail. I still think it’s one of the best email services out there, probably also because I am so used to it. 🙂

  4. Dear Sauris Sah,
    This no bug. Google does not allows username to be created with dot placed anywhere and hence ignores any dot specified in username when you login to your gmail account. Get your information updated.

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