Free Download Aero Adjuster For Windows 7

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Windows 8 developer comes with many extra features, but one feature I noticed was this, the aero glass color automatically changes to the color of your wallpaper and a  app called “Aero Adjuster” has made this feature work easily for Windows 7, aura is one of the other apps which does the same but in aero adjuster it’s easy to do it. Now you can download Aero Adjuster For Windows 7

How does it work?

Note: It doesn’t work on windows vista.

  • Download“Aero Adjuster” from the web.
  • Then open it, as soon as you open the app it sits in the system tray.

  • As you right click on it, the menu will appear with three options.
  1. Fit Aero color to wallpaper color.
  2. Restore original Aero
  3. Close

  • By selecting the first option, the aero glass color will be changed to the color of your wallpaper
  • By selecting the second option, your aero glass cover will return back to its original color

  • And by selecting the close option, the app will close.

Download Aero Adjuster For Windows 7


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