Download Temple Run 2 For Android

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Now you can Download Temple Run 2 for Android right away and  It’s a free download. Within a couple of days game launched in iOS the game released for Android versions too and this time, it was very quick. Temple Run 2 downloaded  more than 20 million times with a couple of days launched, hope the same record will be broken in Android Ecosystem too.

Download Temple Run 2 For Android


Features Of the Game

  • The New Graphics in Temple Run 2, Fully different from previous version
  • New Environment
  • New Obstacles
  • More powerups
  • More achievements
  • Special powers for each character
  • Bigger money, Bigger Monkey size

Overall game is killer and I already we have played and tested in the iOS devices. Games come with entirely new graphics, obstacles, more challenges. According to the reviews in the play store, the games won’t have any lags. Get started Download Temple 2 For Android Now

Download Temple Run 2 For Android Now

There will be some bugs in Android version, but it will be solved soon

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6 thoughts on “Download Temple Run 2 For Android”

  1. Temple Run back with Temple Run ‘2’…

    Right update @ Right time…

    Thanks for review… Must try out game

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