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Download All Images From Any Tumblr Blog [How To]

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If we need to download all  images from Tumblr blogs means we have to do manual process of saving each image file and its too hard and time consuming since Tumblr  is free platform to create and host blogs with full ability to customize look and feel. If you are a blogger then, you might always be  with an innovative mind of making your post’s with attractive picture. Tumblr identifies itself as micro-blogging platform where you can publish short blog posts, photos, infographics and much more. The most users of Tumblr are the one interesting in photography or collecting various images across the internet and using Tumblr as bookmarking platform to share those images with their friends and family.

well if you want backup of your images but Tumbler does not provide you with any such way of getting your own pictures back, but we found an interesting tool called “TumblRipper” for extracting images from your Tumbler Blog.


This small utility does not have many options to configure but provides you with just two options, the first one is for choosing a path where you wanna store your downloaded images and the another one is to add the URL of your Tumbler Blog.

Features TumblRipper Provides:

  • It is a Stand Alone Application (No installation required)
  • It  retrieves  500px photo, else 400, 300 or the 250.
  • Only photos, you don’t already have, will be downloaded.
  • Automatically detects the non-downloaded images and download that.
  • As the light as possible on the Tumblr servers, (in fact, it will cause less load than a normal visitor).
  • Will keep a small text file in the saved directory with the blog URL to easily update.
  • Keep the original dates from the original upload.


Getting Started with TumblRipper :

When you start TumblRipper, you will be presented with minimal user interface with the option to enter Tumblr blog URL and directory to save all the downloaded photos. Click on the load button to start downloading Tumblr photos

download all images from tumblr blogs

TumblRipper will first index all the photos hosted on selected blog, and then will start downloading. You can see the status of numbers of photos downloaded and remaining while the download is in progress, and once it completes the download process, you will get the “Done” message.

Downloaded Image File Of TumblRipper

  • The only Drawback of this tool is no pause option, which you may need when you are downloading the the hundreds of photos.


 TumblRipper is an Excellent tool created to backup your Tumblr pictures onto your hard disk.
(Or those of a photo blog you enjoy). It saves your time and Energy as you need not do the work of saving each and every picture in your blog separately , it take care’s that of your work and reduces your load by Automatically downloading it. It’s a powerful Application that has to be utilized.

                                                  Download TumblRipper

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