Download Bad Piggies game for Android, iOS, Mac and PC

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After the great success of Angry Birds Game and Amazing Alex, now Rovio Entertainment limited releases a new awesome game series called Bad Piggies. The game will be launched today September 27th, 2012 worldwide and going to be released for different platforms like Android OSiOSMac andPC (Windows computer) too. Bad Piggies will be great fun, promising an entire new gaming experience. Check the trailer to understand the awesomeness of the game.

This game has a few things similar to the previous titles, like the puzzle elements and scoring method based on the Skill Rating system. It is all about collecting map pieces that lead to bird’s eggs. The task is complicated when compared to Angry Birds as they lack appendages and have to travel the world. They should rely on user-created vehicles which are a Logo-like and the user gets to pilot it as well. These vehicles can be created with fizzy limits, fans, umbrellas, bellows, springs, cars and other attachments from the groundhog day unit and the users can build flying vehicles using balloons and other stuff from one more section.

Wooden boxes are provided and a set of items at the start of every level. Then you have to drag things on a square grid to build the vehicles and click on hit button. On screen, buttons trigger different propulsion tools once you start and guide the bad piggies through the levels.

A very fun and entertaining game for hardcore gamers. However, it can be frustrating for casual gamers as it requires more skill. There is a little help when you get stuck to flatten the level by liking the fan page of the Bad Piggies game and earn three mechanics. For more, you pay £1.49 for 10, £3.99 for 35 or £6.99 for 65 mechanics.

Download Bad Pigiges for mac,ios, androd and pc


Bad Pigges Comic

Bad Piggies Game play:

This Video explains the game play of Bad Piggies clearly.

The game will be of 3 stages

  1. Ground Hog Day

In this Ground, Hog Day, it will be like learning the basics about flying and it will have 45 levels.

2.When Pigs Fly is the second episode Of Bad Piggies

In this episode, the piggies learnt the flying and have to get through another 45 levels here to move to the next one.

  1. The third stage will be  Flight In the Night



Don’t miss this game. Give it a try and I assure you, you will love this. Let see if it is time for Birds or Pigs.  May the Best creature win!



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8 thoughts on “Download Bad Piggies game for Android, iOS, Mac and PC”

  1. Hi Suresh,
    I recently played this game on my friend’s phone..!! The game is quite tricky… I love to accept challenges but I end up closing this app because I was stuck in a level.. The game is good and Rovio is doing much better 🙂

  2. the gameplay is awesome . Better the transport vehicle more the chance of completion of a level .
    Hats off to Rovio for creating such an amazing game .
    @Suresh – links are now available for windows platform . Update this post 🙂

  3. Bad Piggies is an amazing game with an equally amazing gameplay. I loved the Android version when I first tried it out on a Note. The whole thing is as interesting (if not more) as Angry Birds Space is. Involves much more creative “thinking”.

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