Cut the Rope: Will it take down Angry Birds?

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Here is a trending cool game, Cut the Rope from Zeptolab with the right amount of Simulated physics gameplay added in a funned way. Trust me, you do not even realize you’re applying a lot of physics mechanisms when you play.  It is really creative, entertaining and free! It is available in Chrome web store, iTunes App Store, and Google Play.

Zeptolab established Cut the Rope across all the platforms this quarter.  This game is all about cheering the frog, Om Nom in the box by cutting the rope to get him candy. There are stars to collect which will make Om Nom happier. This is the tricky party, collecting all the stars. With a little speed and few tactics, you will be addicted to this game for sure.

Free Browser-based game has 4 boxes to play with 9 levels each. The sequel, Cut the Rope ExperimentsApp has 5 boxes with 25 levels each with more interesting puzzles. I would suggest you to aim for collecting all the stars(needed to unlock  the boxes as well). It is amazing how the solutions are really simple but not easy to crack. As you unlock the boxes, you will have to deal with spiders, spikes, and other hurdles. This is really challenging and a cool brain work-out.

Cut the Rope has:

  • Cute frog 
    • Cool Game design
    • Simplistic
    • Highly interactive
    • Brainteasers
    • Physics-based puzzles
    • Entertaining and addictive
    • Comics, Videos, Gadgets, and Goodies..
    • Children love it – actually everyone does!

As it is trending,

Will it take the place of Angry Birds? It applies more physics than just trajectory. Without your knowledge, Cut the Rope makes you analyze the Angle of oscillation, Elasticity properties. You need to be fast too. Pigs mocked at Angry Birds when you lost whereas Om Nom’s puppy dog eyes force you to get his candy. Cut the Rope Experiments has a wide range of strategies. Like the egg to be found in Angry Birds, you have photos to find in the background. What not, Cut the Rope comes with cool background music and a voice that keeps encouraging you? Puzzle lovers would definitely choose Cut the Rope over Angry Birds, in my opinion. Give a break to monotonous games and try this now. Especially the Magic Box is rich in graphics and design plans.

Check it out

Here are the links to download Cut the Rope. If you like it, definitely try Cut the Rope Experiments too.

Android App

For iPadFor iPhone


We loved the birds and pigs; now let us feed some frogs too. This one has been my favorite one for few weeks now. Share your favorite ones with us. Mine would be Android Apps like Traffic Jam, Math Workout, Puzzles with Matches and Plumber, And Entanglement, Angry Birds, Brain Waves from browser.

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9 thoughts on “Cut the Rope: Will it take down Angry Birds?”

  1. I love this game a lot, I have completed Cut the rope lite and experiments, both are very good. I hope they will release more versions soon. Definitely it will be top game in coming months…

  2. Angry Bird is more interesting & amazing game then Cut the Rope. Lot of people playing Angry Bird game online & we all know there is online app for Angry Birds & on another side its also more popular than Cut the Rope so I don’t think. Cut the Rope can down to Angry Birds.

  3. no way.. angry birds are the best, this game is so funny and keeps me involved and thinking in each levels, thats the ultimate goal of a game right! i never realized that i spend atleast an hour whenever i start playing this game.. angry birds Rockzzzz….

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