Create Multiple WorkSpaces In Windows xp, 7 and Vista

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Create Multiple WorkSpaces In Windows xp, 7 and Vista using Desktop Slider is developed in keeping the user aspect as this application allows sliding the opened windows through the screen apart from that the user can work on currently active windows along with that the user can click the photos of screen borders as well. The best part of this application from which the user can get Window managers in creating infinite workspaces apart from which the user need to Drag the selected window so as to get started working on the rest of the applications. Moreover, the user can even have a preview of all the windows which are open apart from that the user can even select the respective active only with just a right shortcut key combo. Perhaps this application allows the user to hide the windows of the respective application and when the user use this slider can then keep the respective windows of the application at the required location on the screen as well as the user can even concentrate on particular ones.
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Certainly this Desktop Slider application which makes it a portable so as to allow the user to operate it from the system tray along with that the user can then make it through the registers as by just the middle click so as to slide the respective active window. Further, the user can then assign the hotkeys as to operate by allotting left button including right button along Shift as well as Control key so as to trigger the respective window slider feature. Perhaps when the user open the options from are made avail at the system tray menu thus the user can modify the default active mouse button option including with that the user can even customize the option so as to enable/disable the snap border feature along with that the user can even set the mouse sensitivity as well.

Furthermore when the user is done with all the respective settings which are made to avail at a place from which the user can easily access the application window with the use of trigger button so as to move the opened windows at the required side of the screen. When the user enabled the feature of the snap to border as, the user performs the drag button which lead it to the edge of the screen. Moreover, the user can even click on the icon on the system tray or through the hotkey (Win+C) allowing the user to focus on the currently running active window. This Desktop Slider works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 including the both 32-bit and 64-bit as well OS are supported.



Desktop Slider application which is developed in a portable manner and the user can tackle this application in a neat aspect and thus this application response in an efficient manner allowing the user to create multiple workspaces so as to manage the opened windows.

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4 thoughts on “Create Multiple WorkSpaces In Windows xp, 7 and Vista”

  1. I have this installed on my computer aswell, it comes in very useful when you have a number of different things on the go all at once, nice guest post here 😉

  2. Pretty great write up, but how about using some passage split up to make it easy to read ? Thought to suggest this to get a better readability.



  3. Danyelle Franciosa

    I never thought about creating multiple workstation in Windows XP, 7 and vista. Anyway, thanks for letting us know about it. It is quiet helpful to me.

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