Change Google homepage style

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Hello Internet users, everybody knows the Google website, so if you got bored of watching the same home page all the days, Let’s change the homepage of Google with your picture too  sounds cool..let’s do it.


# you have to enter into the Google’s homepage
# you can see” change the background image” at the left bottom of the Google’s homepage click on it.

# after clicking the link you can see the popup window you will be asked

  1. You can upload your image from your computer.
  2. You can import image from Picasa album
  3. You can select image from the public gallery.
  4. You can any photo from editors picked one

The pictures should be 800*600 pixels and above

Now your Google homepage is changed with your lovable background. The change can be seen on your computer only.:P

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9 thoughts on “Change Google homepage style”

  1. and one more thing if you have slow net connection then it will take little time to load so its better to go with its orthodox image rather than going for background image if you have slow net connection.

  2. I have been thinking about trying to change the background. If I do I hope it is easy to remove or restore to default if I don’t like it. I am so used to the plain old google page I am afraid to change it. But thanks for reminding me about the option to do so.

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