How To Block Spam Text Messages In Android Phone

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Now Block Spam Text Messages In your Android Phones Since Spam Text Messages are increasing day by day , we get daily 50+ spam messages since mobile marketing is booming so most of the business people start working on the SMS bulk marketing. So by this reason you will be getting daily hundreds of spam messages and we people get irritated by this spammer  even though we activate the DND services, we will get messages. So I found an app and tested and worked perfectly. Check below for the tutorial


  • Spam Text SMScan be blocked by a Free Android App Called SMS BLOCKER OPTINNO
  • It’s free app so Download it and install.
  • Open the App in your Android
  • Go To Settings and enable the SMS blocking and enter your country code “91” for India.
  • The app will be running background and it will automatically capture the spam messages, check below image for example:
block sms messages
Block Spam text message in android phone
  • Finally, you have activated the app and blocked unwanted spam messages automatically.


The app is free of cost and easily download to your Android phones from the app market. Installation and settings are very easy and spam messages are blocked automatically now you can work peacefully. You’re saved from those spammers


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16 thoughts on “How To Block Spam Text Messages In Android Phone”

  1. I get ‘N’ number of SMS related with marketing and promotions and it is little bit frustrating.

    But in order to use this, I don’t have Android phone with me, will get it soon.

    This tips will helpful to every Android users, thanking you.

  2. Yes, SMS bulk marketing can be extremely annoying. It is really valuable to know how to block spam text from the phone. Great sharing, Suresh! Many will find this useful, I am sure in it.

  3. I use GO SMS which features “Add to Blacklist” for normal Phone numbers if you want to bl.ock manually.
    For rest of Spam coming from “TD-AKAI” or “BA-BSNL”, Go SMS doesn’t notify you means it understands it as SPAM automatically.

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