Best Security plugins for your WordPress blog

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Security plays an important role in every field. Even blogs like WordPress, Blogspot,, etc.. too need security. To protect from hackers and spammers, etc., it is a must to ensure safety of your content.

We are providing some of the best security plugins for the WordPress to make the blogs secure 🙂

SECURE ADMIN PLUGIN–Allows you to secure the Admin panel with a private or shared SSL certificate.

SECURE FILES PLUGIN— Offers offsite protection against file downloads. Makes it so that users must be logged in or actually on your page before download begins.


Easy quick 3 step install to allow viewers of your blog to send a contact form. Employs efficient anti-spam techniques including Akismet and CAPTCHA support as well.


Useful for allowing only users sent an invitation and clicking the invitation link through email the ability to create an account for use on your WordPress blog.


Removes error information as well as WordPress version everywhere except in the Admin panel. Adds an index page to the plugin directory and more

WP Security Scan

This plugin is designed to scan your WordPress installation to find security vulnerabilities and offers suggestions for corrective actions.

Chap Secure Login

This plugin is designed to offer you a chance to send your password through an encrypted protection to prevent data interception hacking of your WordPress blog.


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