Best Reasons To Buy Premium Antivirus- By Ethical Hackers

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Computer Viruses create havoc in this technology era. Each and every bit of the internet data can come along with a snippet of Virus in it. Computer Viruses make a hell of our PC. They can delete the data, steal your personal information, they affect your PC and make it to malfunction. Sometimes they destroy your whole Computer. So there is the very biggest need of an Anti-Virus software for every computer user.

While peeking into these Anti-virus discussions, the biggest question, we get, is should we really purchase an Anti-virus software or just use any free or pirated versions of it…??

The answer is obviously Premium Anti-Virus Software. Yes, the free and the pirated tools have fewer features and they expose the system vulnerability more than the before. Let me go clearly with it, with some bullet points that make you purchase an Anti-virus program…

Free and Premium are Never the Same.

If the free versions of any anti-virus and the premium version of the same software were exactly the same, then there was a not need of bifurcating them with 2 different names.

Free anti-viruses lack some Premium features.

Although they give some sort of protection to your computer, but they lack some premium features. The free version of the software for the ones that have an enterprise version (AVG Antivirus) is just to get you used to the software itself so that you will buy a business license of it.

Do you think the free version will be enough to you?

Free antivirus software does the work, I agree. But they lack some features. If you were a professional or a college student who is the Internet all the time then, it is a must for you to purchase a premium one instead of free ones. The free ones lack speed and threat detection capacity when compared to a premium one.

Did you ever try to completely uninstall a Free Anti-virus program?

It’s highly impossible to uninstall an installed free anti-virus without changing it to a premium one. They come up with a lot of spams. They hide in temporary or some hidden folders and silently get installed and keep on messing with a pop-up window to buy a premium one. Some antivirus won’t have an uninstalled option until you buy a license of it.

Pirated Anti-viruses come with a bunch of Malwares.

Now-a-days as the higher use of the Internet and so the piracy rate increased. Black hat hackers crack this premium software and they sell them at cheaper rates or they share it via some file hosting sites freely to get some fame or anything like that. But the thing, you must know, is the black hats who crack that software will never do such work without looking for profit. Here the biggest profit, they get, is r00t access to your computers which they make your PC into a “zombie system” (victim PC under a main computer or server).  And along with it they also leave your PC exposed to the black world which is the biggest danger of all.

Automatic Updates are really rare.

If you have free versions of antivirus software, some don’t provide automatic updates of the newest virus definitions. And some pirated versions cannot have automatic update also as they will be caught easily while undergoing the automatic update process.

Customer Support

One more important aspect is Customer support which is really important for a usual computer user who is not a master in it. Some people who use computers only to maintain their shop bills or, etc. they don’t have complete knowledge about this software and stuff. So, these people can get complete help and information through this Customer support cell. This feature is not available for free versions and pirated ones.

So, What you say.???

Do you still want to use free or a pirated (malware packed) software or buy a premium one.

We Recommend  Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 – 3 Users.  It costs only 33.40$ (discount offer) you will save 46.55$ (58%).

Better to Buy this package than a single user, single user alone cost 33$. Get Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 – 3 Users and you can use for 3 computers and you can share the money with your friends and family members too.

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4 thoughts on “Best Reasons To Buy Premium Antivirus- By Ethical Hackers”

  1. Hackers are always a step in front of antivirus developers, if they are not the same people? You’ll never know. Anyways, I need to get a decent antivirus SW for my computer, I am using a way too slow one right now, and it is definitely not a premium one. Thanks for the review!

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