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5 Best Android Apps for Women security

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The most important and best Android apps for women are listed below The recent rape incident shocked the whole nation. It’s obvious that the government will put Forward every possible measure to stop any similar thing from happening again. Anyhow, Girls Should keep themselves prepared for any such situation.

Well, the handiest thing, any girl has nowadays, is her phone. Thus, we are bringing forward a list Of the apps that she should keep handy to save herself from any untoward incident.

Best Apps For Women Security

1. SOS Whistle (For Android)


SOS app for android
Best SOS apps for android

This app does not need any high-end GPS fitted device for its operation. All, it needs, is a simple Android platform operating system and a person willing to use it. The operation of the app is as follows. When you move into any unsecured zone, just Activate it on your phone. A red button will appear on the main screen of the phone. As
Soon as it seems anyone is stalking you, just press the red panic button. A very loud The alarm will go on. This will first of all fear the stalker away and secondly it will alert Anyone who listens to it. The point is that girls don’t have a voice loud enough to shout loud and thus miscreants get an advantage in such situations. This app will prevent
Anything such from happening.

2. Fightback: (For Andoid, Nokia , blackberry)

fightback for andorid
fightback for andorid

This app requires GPS fitting into your phone. This is how it works. You can either connect it to any social networking site or your phone’s contact list. Then add 5 contacts to the apps security list. In case you fall into any problem, simply press the SOS key on the phone. An alert will reach all the 5 contacts you selected. Thus, all the
5 people will get a message stating your location and they can come to help you. You can also use it to connect to the local police.

3. Circle of 6:

circle 360 app
circle 360 app


This is an award winning app. Using this app you can create a circle of 6 friends you usually hang out with. Since you hang out with these people, you trust them enough to tell them where you go. Now whenever you leave home alone, you
Can just post any information regarding the same via this app. Thus, you will be sure that someone is waiting for you and will be able to take action in case you go missing.

4. Life 360 Family Locator:

life 360 android app
life 360 android app

This app is custom made for young school girls who are dependent on their parents. The app needs a GPS fitted phone. Now whenever the girl goes out with her phone, the app will send a message of her exact location at her

Parent’s cell. They will get an alert when she reaches school safely and will further get an alert when she leaves school to come back. Anyhow, be careful to note that it will seriously take on your freedom and privacy.

5. bSafe:

be safe (bsafe)
be safe (bsafe)

This app operates in four modes. The first mode is “Follow me.”  In this mode, your friends will get an alert stating that you are in a problem and they should come to your rescue. The second option is “Locate”. It will send your exact location to your friends. The third option is “Fake call” in order to create an illusion in front of the
Stalker that someone is waiting for you. The fourth option is “Alarm”, in order to scare off the stalk.

I must be missing some more best apps for women,  Can you drop those apps name in the comments below so that I can update it.

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6 thoughts on “5 Best Android Apps for Women security”

  1. Most of these aren’t really free once you add the features that are called premium but are really important So, add to your consideration the paid security product and ompare them to the premium version of the “Free” product mentioned here. I did and chose Kaspersky based on their reputation and price point

  2. This is such a great list of idea’s but I don’t have enough of a following to really do much of these yet. Once I’ve got the followers and visitors up I will definitely be implementing some of these. thanks

  3. Great news Suresh! You’ve put together an excellent information here, and I especially like how you’ve assembled all those needed for a woman’s safety purpose in today’s world. You have presented excellent mobile apps – I found SOS Whistle and bSafe apps very interesting. Looking forward to adopt these ideas very soon.

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