Advanced Email and Password Recovery in WordPress

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WordPress it the best and famous cms for blogging.Most of the bloggers and famous websites are made by using WordPress cms. And a lot of themes, plugins present for WordPress users now-a-days.

The more your website is famous, the more your are watched by the hackers. So be careful and strength your WordPress. If your WordPress is hacked and they have changed the email and password of your admin account. So this is not the end of the WordPress I will show you how to recover in advance mode.

# the following is for a paid hosting and also for the WordPress users who have cpanel for their domains

TTUTORIAL- Advance Email and Password recovery

# so if your website is hacked by hackers …so it’s very bad…all your work has been wasted. so don’t worry we have a great advance solution to get back the new password

# Login to your cpanel account.

# in the cpanel account you have the database

# so you have databases like mysql, postgre sql,

# most of the WordPress database is MySQL,

# then you have to click on PHPMyAdmin login to the PHPMyAdmin account

# then at the left side you can see the database which has been installed.

# find out the database name of your WordPress blog

# after click on your WordPress database you can set of tables then you have to select the “users.”

# after clicking the wp-users you will see the list of users like admin, guest, authors, editors and more

# select the account you have to modify the email id and edit with the new email-id

# change the emai-id of the user and login name and press go

# hence the changes have been done, enter a new email id for your login page for the recovery and you can get a new password at your inbox change the password when you login

#after login secure your WordPress too with security plugins

If you have any queries, please post the comments below.:)

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11 thoughts on “Advanced Email and Password Recovery in WordPress”

  1. Of course a very important thing every ‘wordpress blogger’ should understand. Few months back my blog was hacked and changed the password and email, but I changed the default user name and password through this method. Thanks for sharing.

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