Adobe Creative Cloud Review – Make The Best Use Of It

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My unbiased review of Adobe creative cloud. So last week I got my hands on the adobe creative cloud subscription and installed on my PC. Luckily it was so easy to create an account and download creative cloud application from where you can access all your creative cloud apps. So it’s kind of download manager to download all the latest versions of the adobe products.  If there are any updates the creative cloud application notifies and you can enjoy the updates until you have a subscription.

Here are a desktop app and how it looks

After using the creative cloud apps for a week, I installed the latest version of the software in my PC. The change I found is hardware acceleration and latest updates made my tasks easier.

Why did I say hardware acceleration and what does it mean?

When you buy the software, You will be asked the user to participate in the program there if the apps crash then a report  sent to the adobe teams. So for upcoming updates they will solve those crashes and we can expect a better software program.  Before I was running the adobe premiere pro CS6 on my PC. Now with the installation of the Premiere Pro CC the rendering, processing are quicker.  In the previous version of adobe after effects y, Graphic card Gigabyte GTX 670 not listed in the adobe trusted list but in the latest update of the adobe After Effects CC my card was present.

So it means, The adobe teams actually listen to the problems and come up with changes for better performance. Finally, everyone gets happy

 What all apps we get in Creative Cloud Subscription?

All creative cloud apps

So those all are amazing apps we get with creative cloud subscription.  I just know and use a few of those apps like Photoshop, Audition, Premiere pro, After effects and illustrator.

My Review About Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription:

It’s wonderful a software and gets you latest update of cutting edge softwares. So when you get the softwares it’s up to us to use them and make the best out of it. The creative cloud comes with a subscription model, so you need to pay monthly a small fee with that you will get 20GB Cloud storage + Latest update of the apps.

There are different plans on the subscription. If you use a single adobe product means for example photoshop alone,  then you can opt for a single product subscription plan. If you use more than one product means then you need to get the opt for different plans. There are plans for Educational, Individual, Enterprise plans as well.

You can check all the price details here:

If you plan to go for a monthly plan then you need to pay monthly $75. For the yearly commitment plan you need to pay for $49 and good thing is that you won’t be charged at the time but monthly.

In my opinion, when we opt for creative cloud subscription  plan we can get access to more app then you have more opportunity to increase the comfort zone (Trying new app and learning ). Just like I was before doing video editing and now with the help of creative cloud subscription I am learning the adobe audition. So the more apps you learn and the more opportunity you can get since the world is changing day by day we need to keep on moving with new technology and updates.

So just consider this as an opportunity to learn more and you can get more freelancing works or get a promotion at your work. Since every boss will love the multi talented person right? 😉

One more thing  is that adobe stopped selling new versions of creative suite products, So each and every user need to shift toward creative cloud. For the first time paying monthly, looks heavy  but still you will get used to it.

Advantages of Creative Cloud:

The creative cloud subscription comes with a cloud storage of 20GB for an individual plan and 100GB for later plans. So you can make use of the cloud space and be collaborative with the creative teams. Instead of third party sites like Dropbox you can use the adobe creative cloud space and it makes easier and cheaper.

You will get the latest updates of every app and you can enjoy it. The updates make your work faster and with more features you work output will be more creative.

The best feature I  love is you can backup the application settings like photoshop , premiere pro etc.. why I love this because, if you have made  specific workspaces on your apps. Then the OS crashes mean then you need to download and need to set up again right? With the sync features within seconds you can get all those settings. I have created my workspace and presets in my audition, premiere pro, After effects, So all settings are synced with creative cloud.

my sync settings in creative cloud

You can share the settings with your team- mate as well.

Final Verdict:

Instead of thinking only about the price you may just time waste and lost the opportunities, So let’s remember a favorite quote “Screw it, let’s DO it “. Buy the creative cloud subscription and expand your horizon. Be a multi-talent person then you will get lots of opportunities if one steam goes down then you have another stream to get the works, right?

Whenever you get time spend time to  update the knowledge with the latest skills and new technology and you can get a big money. Go for Value- based pricing than Getting paid  for hours ;). Following that model, you will get lump sum money for your subscription and for your Ferrari as well ;).

To know more about Value based pricing, read this Free Ebook. You won’t be disappointed at all‎

Oops, I went from the  software review to consulting by this review. So the decision is left to you to for single domain knowledge or a multi-domain knowledge to survive for better.

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5 thoughts on “Adobe Creative Cloud Review – Make The Best Use Of It”

  1. Nice review, I am planning to use this Software because I am using other products such as Photoshop, Aftereffects, Illustrator, etc.. N this is just like an All-in-One Pack 🙂

    Thanks Suresh G

    1. Hi Likan,
      Thanks for the compliments. Likan, I will suggest you to master it for now. Once you get master then you can use fully then monthly bill won’t hurt you at all.
      I guess you’re a student now , there is plan for students too. Check the site


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