6 ways to send free fax from online

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send fax

If you don’t have a fax at your home, then don’t worry because you can send free fax using the internet to all over the world. It’s awesome right. Is possible, you can use this services anytime you want.


send fax by faxzero

You can send free faxes to United States and Canada. Faxzero gives 2 free faxes a day and lot more features to the normal users.Simply save the faxing document on your computer. Provide the fax number, company details and send the files. You will get a fax delivery confirmation after 20 minutes if the fax sends successfully.

you can fax minimum 3 pages.

->Ad on Cover page.

->Fax 1 document- minimum 3 pages

->Maximum 2 faxes per day.

2.Free fax

send free fax
free fax

Free fax can let you send you the fax anywhere in the world free of cost.You can send a fax without registering on the website. You can Make speed dial while sending a fax. In the case your not a member, then you get an input box where you have to enter the fax message. The delivery report will be sent to your email.

3. Gujurat4u

send free fax
gujarat4u send free fax

You can send a fax to anywhere in the world with the gujurat4u. You need to enter the fax message in the input box.you can’t upload the fax document from the computer.In all cases, they ask you to just to enter a correct fax number and your correct Email-id.

You will get delivery reports in your email inbox.

4.Free Fax Button

free fax
free fax button

Using the Free fax button services you can send free faxes to over 50 countries including USA, India, France and many more countries .you can fax the message as well as the documents. The limit is 2 fax per day.

5. ScanR


This is the best service for phone users like iPhone, Blackberry, Android and more), you can scan, print and fax wherever you go.
ScanR turns your phone into the scanner, copy machine, and fax machine.You have to take a picture of the document, you want to share with someone.send to ScanR email address, they send this document by fax in .pdf file. You have to download the ScanR software to get more services. The basic services are free.

6. My Fax


MyFax is free and you can send a fax to over 40 countries including Japan, USA, China, and many more.The file must not Include more than 10 Mb in size and contains in minimum of 10 pages.Supported type files include Microsoft word, excel,power point, PDF ,TIF ,GIF, etc

TIP: Use all 6 services mentioned above so that you can send 10+ faxes per day freely all over the world.

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  4. The main drawbacks of those free services is that when you send a document to someone there will be a logo of the services at the bottom or somewhere in the document !

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