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20+ Ways To Find Creative Domain Names

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Creative Domain Names

Finding a cool Creative domain name for your blog or your business website is very tough these days. Many of them buy the coolest domain names and them resale for the 100’s of dollars. This is the best business . But how to find a domain name?? if we are breaking our heads to find the best name, even though we get the best name, but the domain name won’t be available. So many people like me come across this situation. So am providing here List of  web apps, sites, where we can find the best domain name easily and quickly .



Domize is Best app to Hunt for the best domain names. The results are shown instantaneously and your search queries are encrypted over SSL for Privacy and Security. It has advanced features like we can check the domains are ready for sale, expiry date, and availability.

  • Multiple TLD:Yes
  • Price Comparision: Yes
  • Domain Name Suggestion: Yes

2. Domparison

Domparison is a domain name price  Comparison and Search Engine. This web app compares the prices of  your suggested domain name across various registrar. Thus, you can choose the cheapest price and saves lots of money.

  • Multiple TLDs- Yes
  • Price Comparision-Yes
  • Domain Name Suggestion-No

3.Bust A Name

bust a name

Bust, a name is a web app, suggests domain names, register domains and helps in managing them. The apps support linguistic data with a search of thousands of domains the keywords you submit and check for the availability.

  • Multiple TLDs- Yes
  • Price comparison – yes
  • Domain name suggestion – Yes



Domainr is another best web app to find a domain name quickly. When you type a keyword at the search box, the results will be displayed with all probability of available names.If you’re looking for a non-Latin internationalized domain name, you can enter characters with accents or other diacritics  and even scripts like Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, Arabic.

  • Multiple TLDs- Yes
  • Price Comparision- No
  • Domain Name Suggestion-Yes

5.Instant Domain Search

instant domain search

Instant domain name supports only .com, .org .net domain names, and its availability.The web app is very fast and the main limitation with the web app is new TLDs are not supported.

  • Multiple TLDs- yes but limited to three classic TLDs
  • Price Comparison- No
  • Domain Name Suggestion- yes

6.Domain Typer

domain typer

Instant search of the domain names, when you start typing the keywords for domain name and this web app, doesn’t store your results in its database.

  • Multiple TLDs- Yes
  • Price Comparison- NO
  • Domain Name Suggestions- Yes


domains bot

Domains Bot is best one many of my friends suggested me to finding the best domain names. The web apps display both the available and unavailable domain names also.

  • Multiple TLDs- Yes
  • Price comparison- Yes
  • Domain Name Suggestion-Yes



DNZoom also searches the domain names and have an additional features like importing domain name from your current registrar and domain parking accounts.Manage all domains from a single Dashboards.

  • Multiple TLDs- Yes
  • Price Comparison- yes
  • Domain Name Suggestion- yes

9.Geek.Name is a tool for powerful users who want lots of variables and criteria to be included in their domain search.It suggests best domain name which are available.Display the suggestion based on your search.

  • Multiple TLDs- yes
  • price comparison- No
  • Domain Name Suggestion – yes

10. Domain Hacks

domian hacks

Its a new way to find unique domain names. you can have a cool domain name like

  • Multiple TLDs- yes
  • Price Comparison – No
  • Domain name Suggestion- yes



Monkier provides best user-friendly ways to make domain management easier and more efficient.Easy to use domain management can register domain name with them too.

  • Multiple TLDs- yes
  • Price comparison- No
  • Domain Suggestion- yes

12. NXdom


NXdom is a Domain search engine that specializes in short domain names. Its database consists of millions of DNS results you can search the domain name by inserting prefix and suffix and sort the results by length.

  • Multiple TLDs- yes
  • Price comparison- No
  • Domain Name Suggestion-yes



It’s another domain search engine that generate domain suggestions that sound natural in varying  degrees in five different languages.

  • Multiple TLDs- yes
  • Price comparison- yes
  • Domain Name Suggestion -yes

14.Domain Exposer

domain exposer

Domain exposer helps to find the available domain names easily based on the keywords and you can specify the length and other parameters. It shows a lot of results on a single page.

  • Multiple TLDs- yes
  • Price Comparison- NO
  • Domain Name Suggestion- Yes

15. Name Station

name station

Name station helps to generate the hundreds of random phonetic names, enter their own keywords or the preset wordlists categorized suffixes and prefixes. Registered users can get access to advanced features.

  • Multiple TLDs- Yes
  • Price comparison- NO
  • Domain Name Suggestion-yes

16.Name Boy

Nameboy offers Unique Suggestions. There is a special feature called cart. So you can track the domain name, you have planned to buy and later you can buy it.

  • Multiple TLDs- yes
  • Price comparison- No
  • Domain Name Suggestion- yes



Get a domain name suggestion by typing the “words” over there  and choose some endings ( or entire your own). Then click on combine them. You can find a domain is available or not then save it on your scratchboard.

  • Multiple TLDs- yes
  • Price comparision- NO
  • Domain Name Suggestion – Yes


Based on your query, pcanmes checks the domain instantly .com, .net,. org ,  .info , .biz , .us , .mobi , .name, domain names are available.The app stores your history so that you can look up for later too.

  • Multiple TLDs- yes
  • Price Comparison-yes
  • Domain name Suggestion-yes

19.Suggest Name

suggest name

Suggest a name have same features like  Dot-o-mator have best user interface. Enter the prefix and suffix and remain a work is done by app, find the best available domain names.

  • Multiple TLDs- Yes
  • Price Comparison- No
  • Domain Name Suggestion- yes

20.Shout Domains

Shout domains are an instant domain search engine. There are two separate tools to combine  and crunch names based on the words you specify.

  • Multiple TLDs- Yes
  • Price comparison-No
  • Domain Name Suggestion-yes

It’s the best service I used. We can check the domain name which are available  and buy them online only. Premium domains are also shown up too.

  • Multiple- TLDs- Yes
  • Price comparison- No
  • Domain Name Suggestion- yes

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      1. Software means.. making a work smarter like web apps, computer software,and many more. Everyone provides these softwares links , so anyone provides the tutorials with day to day problems.? may be but there are few.. so i blog for people not for search engines and domains 🙂

  1. Great list man.. It is really exhaustive and needs a lot of time to understand each option. Thats really very hard work from your side and congratulations for writing this post.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Where do you collect this awesome information 🙂 this is pretty awesome man 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂 Nice article and good scope 🙂

    1. Thanks man… just i get from internet from different sources 🙂 its takes lot of research to find those things… hunting day and night for this stuff 🙂

      Creativedomain names

  3. That’s a huge and awesome list. I knew a few and have used them before but I haven’t ever heard about the others. So this is surely going to help me in my daily work.

    Thanks Bro 😀

  4. Suresh,

    This is excellent list of collections to find the good domain names, When I want to find the good domain name. I will look in to your blog to find the domain name finder.

    Thanking you.

  5. An awesome list indeed. I like the #14 most. It’s really the coolest one. As much as I believe domain name is one of those important factors which helps to attract your viewers again and again. Looking forward to your next post. Hope that it will also force me to appreciate that one.

  6. Hi,

    Very nice tools, never heard of them before, heh. I tested a few and I must admit it – they’re really useful, never thought about searching for something like this, very useful! Thanks a lot for sharing them!


  7. Very well researched and then served!I can only say big thanks. This is a great list that needs time reviewing,and it seems it has excellent choices for choosing domain names for free. Still didn`t test any,but as I said,it will take some time.
    Thanks again!

  8. A ha! this is super cool. Didn’t know of many of these services to find a good domain name… looks like some money is all ready to go out.. 🙂


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