15 Steps to Get your dream jobs using social networks

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dream jobs
dream jobs

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Get your dream jobs like working in a company you want and type of jobs you want. Which will get you job satisfaction in your life and happiness?  Have your tried social networks for getting your dream jobs?  I have found this in my life experience and I am gonna tell you now.


  1. Join the social networks like Orkut, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
  2. Get connected  to your friends, family members, etc.
  3. suppose you like to work on “Gaming Technology” in the future, so do the following steps.
  4. Join the communities present regarding “ gaming technology” in Orkut, Facebook.
  5. Give time for allocating for doing research in your lovable areas.
  6. Add members present in the communities.
  7. Be active in the community and help others in the communities. So sharing knowledge is gaining knowledge.
  8. Make a good relations with the domain experts in the community.
  9. Network a lot in the social networking sites.
  10. Write a blog on your research on free blogs like Blogspot or WordPress,
  11. Do mention your resume link in the blog.
  12. So now, your research work is watched by the whole world. So if someone interested in your research they will surely mail you regarding the job you want.
  13. Play Mafia Wars, Farmville in the Facebook make a good number of  team players all over world , once you shared your blog post so someone or other can have interest in your research and will surely hire you and this worked for me.
  14. Be an active Twitter, Linkedin users, and sure that you have good and powerful profiles.
  15. Finally, you will get the jobs you want and there is  a chance of getting ventures for your business too using the social networks.

check out the following video.

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6 thoughts on “15 Steps to Get your dream jobs using social networks”

  1. Wonderful article Suresh. Well, these days its easy to get a job via Social Media. But the only thing is we need to follow some basic procedures and we should come up with an innovative idea. Thanks for sharing an useful article.

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  3. Every social networking site is very useful in searching a blog because it will serve as an effective and free way of advertisement for every company who have their own account. Then the ability to like and dislike or to share these to other users absolutely help the process of spreading the news.

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